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LOM 18

Endocrine system

gland ADEN/O
adrenal gland ADREN/O ADRENAL/O
sex glands ovaries testes GONAD/O
pancreas PANCREAT/O
parathyroid gland PARATHYROID/O
pituitary gland (hypophysis) PITUITAR/O
thyroid gland THYR/O THYROID/O
male ANDR/O
calcium CALC/O CALCI/O
cortex, outer CORTIC/O
secrete CRIN/O
third, thirsty DIPS/O
female ESTR/O
sameness HOME/O
hormone HORMON/O
milk LACT/O
potassium KAL/I
mucus MYX/O
socium NATR/O
growing PHYS/O
body SOMAT/O
solid structure STER/O
childbirth TOC/O
position, poison TOXIC/O
urine UR/O
assemble, gather together -AGON
blood condition -EMIA
a substance -IN -INE
stimulating the function of (to turn or act on) -TROPIN
urine condition -URIA
good, normal EU-
excessive; above HYPER-
deficient; below under; less than normal HYPO-
rapid, sharp, acid OXY-
all PAN-
four TETRA-
three TRI-
Endocrine glands are _______________ DUCTLESS
________ ___________ is found on every part of the body that requies hormones to function. TARGET TISSUE
Each hormone has its own _______ RECEPTOR
Hormones bind to ____________ RECEPTORS
Endocrine glands secrete their hormones dirctly into the ____________ BLOODSTREAM
What sends chemical substances (tears, sweat, milk, saliva) via ducts to the ____________ of the body. EXOCRINE GLANDS OUTSIDE
The _____________ ____________ is an information signaling system that uses blood VESSELS as informaiton channels. ENDOCRINE SYSTEM
Recognition sites in the various target tissues on which the hormones act. RECEPTORS
Gland located in the NECK 1 Gland THYROID GLAND
Located within the thyroid gland PARATHYROID GLANDS there are 4
Located on top of each kidney ADRENAL GLANDS ONE pair= 2 glands
Secrete insulin "islets of Langerhans PANCREAS 1 gland
In brain, "Master Gland" has MOST hormones pituitary gland 1 gland
Located in brain PINEAL GLAND 1 gland
Located in between lungs THYMUS GLAND 1 gland
Cluster of specialized tissue LOBES
Much smaller than pituitary gland PINEAL
"Butterfly shape" THYROID GLAND
Thymus contains __________ T CELLS
What gland secretes melatonin? And is responsible for sleep, menstrual regulation and weight? PINEAL
Placenta produces __________ HCG
Thymosin is secreted by ____________. Thymosin helps with TCells. THYMUS
The thyroid gland is composed of a right and left _____ on either ide of the ___________. LOBE TRACHEA
Trachea is located just below a large piece of cartilage called the _________ __________ THYROID CARTILAGE
What is the narrow strip of glandular tissue that holds two lobes on the ventral (anterier) surface of the trachea? ISTHMUS
Vitamin D and exocrine SKIN
Holds the two lobes of the thyroid gland together ISTHMUS
Has 2 lobes an lies over the trachea THYROID GLAND
What nutrient is necesary for the thyroid to operate IODINE
Increases metabolism Secreted by the Thyrod Gland T-3 or TRIIODOTHYROINE T-4 or THYROXINE
Decreases calcium blood levels Secreted by the Thyroid Gland T-7 or CALCITONIN
Secreted by the PARATHYROID GLAND (4) this hormone mobilizes calcium from bone into the bloodstream. INCREASES blood calcium! PTH PARATHYROID HORMONE
Regulates phosphorous Secretes PTH Increases blood calcium PARATHYROID GLANDS (4)
Secretes (natural steroid) epinephrine (hormone)in time of need in response to an antigen, when we are scared or angry, or having an allergic reaction, also causes increased heart rate. ADRNAL CORTEX
OUTER portion of the adrenal cortex (2) secretes _______________ or steroids, chemical derived from cholesterol CORTICOSTEROIDS
What is the Outer portion of the Adrenal glands called? ADRENAL CORTEX
What is the INNER portion of the Adrenal glands called? ADRENAL MEDULLA
The "adrenal medulla" secretes ______________, chemicals derived from amino acids. CATECHOLAMINES
Outer, or covers CORTEX
Releases Norepinephrine, to "calm" ADRENAL MEDULLA (middle)
Influence metabolism of sugars, fats and proteins and are anti-inflammatory. GLUCOCORTICOIDS
Secreted by the adrenal cortex; increases blood sugar. It is secreted in times of stress and has an anti-inflammatory effect. CORTISOL
What are the SEX HORMONES? ANDROGENS Testosterone and Estrogen
What is an endocrine and an exocrine? PANCREAS
The ___________ is located near and partly behind the stomach in the region of the 1st and 2nd lumbar vertebrae PANCREAS
The endocrine tissue of the 'pancreas' consists of specialized hormone-producing cells called the ______ ISLETS OF LANGERHANS
Alpha cells and Beta cells make up __________ ISLETS OF LANGERHANS
Increases glucose (blood sugar) by conversion of glycogen to glucose. GLUCAGON (USABLE SUGAR)
Located in depression of scull (sella turcica) PITUITARY GLAND
Pituitary gland is also called the _____________ HYPOPHYSIS
The "pituitary gland" has 2 distinct parts: _________________ and ___________________. ANTERIOR LOBE (adenohypophysis) POSTERIOR LOBE (neurohypophysis)
The _____________ controls secretions of the pituitary hormones. It sends these via capllaries to the anterior pituitary gland (adenohypophysis) HYPOTHALAMUS
The "anterior Lobe" (adenohypophysis) secretes ________ than the "posterior lobe" (neurhypopysis). MORE!!!
Stimulates adrenal cortex ACTH
Stimulates ovaries and testes (follicles) FSH (follicle stimulating hormone)
PROMOTES ovulation and stimulates testes. LH
Stimulates growth (bones and muscles) GH
Thyroid stimulating hormone, thyroid glands. TSH
Stimulates milk production in mammory glands. PRL
What does the "thyroid gland" secrete? THYROXINE!!!
The female gamete is the _______ OVUM
Antidiuretic hormone INCREASES water ___________ REABSORPTION
What stimulates labor? OXYTOCIN
Posterior lobe (2)
The ______ ae 2 small ovoid glands TESTES
The testes are suspended from the inguinal region of the male by the ______ cord. AND surrounded by the ___________ sac. SPERMATIC SCROTAL
What is estradiol? ESTROGEN
____________ maintains pregnancy PROGESTERONE
What is responsible for the female sexual characteristics ESTRADIOL or ESTROGEN
The outer section of each adrenal gland is the ___ ADRENAL CORTEX
Secreted by the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland; stimulates ovulation in females and testosterone secretion in males LUTEINIZING HORMONE (LH)
Potassium (kal/i) is a ___________ Sodium (natr/o) is also a ______ ELECTROLYTE
assemble, gather together -AGON
a substance IN, -INE
stimulating the function of -TROPIN
Sympathetic, elevates heart rate, blood pressure EPINEPHRINE
Promotes growth and maintenance of male sex characteristics TESTOSTERONE
Stimulates water REABSORPTION by kidney tubules; decreases urine ADH
Increases metabolism in body cells THYROXINE
Increases reabsorption of SODIUM by kidney tubules ALDOSTERONE
Stimulates secretion of hormones from adrenal cortex ACTH
Increases blood sugar CORTISOL
Helps transport glucose to cells and decreases blood sugar INSULIN
Name the endocrine organ that produce the following hormone: INSULIN PANCREAS
Name the endocrine organ that produce the following hormone: CORTISOL ADRENAL CORTEX
Name the endocrine organ that produce the following hormone: THYROXINE THYROID
Name the endocrine organ that produce the following hormone: EPINEPHRINE ADRENAL MEDULLA
Name the endocrine organ that produce the following hormone: ALDOSTERONE ADRENALS CORTEX
Name the endocrine organ that produce the following hormone: VASOPRESSIN POSTERIOR LOBE
Name the endocrine organ that produce the following hormone: ESTRADIOL OVARIES
Name the endocrine organ that produce the following hormone: GROWTH HORMONE ANTERIOR PITUITARY GLAND
Name the endocrine organ that produce the following hormone: PROGESTERONE OVARIES!!!
Created by: kellitb
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