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Study Guide 2


Each cell of the human body has a total of A) 23 chromosomes B) 23 genes C) 46 chromosomes d) 46 genes 46 chromosomes
Genes direct our physical development by synthesizing: a)horomones b)proteins c)DNA d)chromosomes proteins
Chromosomes are composed of small segments of a) DNA called genes b) DNA called neurotransmitters c) genes called DNA d) DNA called enzymes DNA called genes
After comparing divorce rates among identical and fraternal twins, Dr. Alexander has concluded that genes do play a role. Dr. Alexander is most likely a(n) a) evolutionary psychologist b) behavior geneticist c) molecular geneticist d) divorcee Behavior geneticist
The genome is best defined as: a) a complex molecule containing genetic information that makes up the chromosomes b)a segment of DNA c) the complete instructions for making an organism d) the code for synthesizing protein the complete instructions for making an organism
Unlike _______ twins who develop from a single fertilized egg, _______ twins develop from separate fertilized eggs a) fraternal, identical b) identical, fraternal c)placental, nonplacental d) nonplacental, placental identical; fraternal
If a fraternal twin develops schizophrenia, the likelihood of the other twin developing serious mental illness is much lower than with identical twins. This suggests that: schizophrenia is influenced by genes
A person whose twin has Alzheimer's disease has ________ risk of sharing the disease if they are identical twins than if they are fraternal twins. a)less b)about the same c)a much greater d)an unpredictable a much greater
Of the following, the best way to separate the effects of genes and environment in research is to study a) fraternal twins b) identical twins c) adopted children and their adoptive parents d) identical twins raised in different enviornments identical twins raised in different environments
Several studies of long-seperated identical twins have found that these twins: a) have little in common b) have many similarites c) have similar personalities d)are no more similar than fraternal twins reared apart b have many similarities, in everything from medical histories to personalities
Temperament regers to a person's characteristic a) emotional reactivity and intensity b) attitudes c) behaviors d) role-related traits emotional reactivity and intensity
3 year old Jack is inhibited and shy. As an adult, Jack is likely to be a) cautious and unassertive b) spontaneous and fearless c) socially assertive d) Who knows? the aspect of personality is not very stable over the life span cautious and unassertive
When the effect of one factor(such as enviornment) depends on another (such as heredity), we say there is a(n) ________ between the two factors a) norm b) positive correlation c) negative correlation d) interaction interaction
When evolutionary psychologists use the word fitness, they are specifically referring to our ability to survive and reproduce
Mutations are random errors in __________ replication a) gene b) chromosome c) DNA d) Protein gene
Dr. Ross believes that principles of natural selection help explain why infants come to fear strangers about the time they become mobile. Dr. Ross is most likely a(n) a) behavior geneticist b) molecular geneticist c) evolutionary psychologt evolutionary psychologist
A psychologist working from the evolutionary prespective is likely to suggest that people are biologically predisposed to A) protect their offfspring b) like sweets c) be attracted to fertile appearing members of the opposite sex (if they are male) d All
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