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PTH 270 wound care

wound care

absorbs exudate, provides moist environment, autolytic debridement, used with partial and full-thickness wounds, tends to roll, not used with infections. a.hydrogels b.foams c.hydrocolloids d.alginates hydrocolloids
used on superficial/partial thickness wounds w/ min drainage, provides moist environment, autolytic debridement, potential to dehydrate wounds, requires secondary dressing. a.foams b.transparent films c.hydrocolloids d.hydrogels hydrogels
allow for aborption from contact layer, over partial/full thickness wounds, used with hydrogels, provide protection mod absorption, may roll, lack of transparency a.alginates b.transparent films c.foams d.hydrogels foams
permeable to vapor and O2 used for superficial/partial thick wounds, can visualize wound, shear resistant, exudate can build up and lead to maceration, not used on infective wounds a.alginates b.foams c.transparent films d.hydrocolloids transparent films
highly absorptive, used with infective wounds made from seaweed a.foams b.hydrogels c.hydrocolloids d.alginates algninates
used on infected or non infected wounds, cheap used with other dressing or topical agents, tend to adhere to wound bed a.hydrocolloid b.transparent film c.gauze d.algninates gauze
RED-BLACK-YELLOW system moist slough, remove exudate and absorb drainage yellow
RED-YELLOW-BLACK system: pick granulation, protect wound maintain moist environment red
RED-YELLOW-BLACK system: thick eschar, debride tissue black
____ and ____ must occur during the inflammation phase for every wound to heal. a.revascularization,tensile strength b.scarring,stretching c.granulation,re-eppithelialization d.clotting,inflammation clotting, inflammation
which of the following is a good anti-inflammatory drug? a.vitamin A b.vitamin B c.vitamin C d.copper Vitamin C
the inflammation phase lasts for: a.1-3 days b.3-20 days c.1-10 days d.9-20 days 1-10 days
which of the follwing occurs with the proliferative phase: a.coagulation,inflammation b.granulation,re-epithelialization c.increase tensile strength,revascularization pack, continuous US granulization, re-epithelialization
collagen,hydration, nutrients/O2 circulation is indicative of good: b.wound contraction c.granulation d.coagulation granulation
which of the following will all wounds need for nutrients: a.vitamin A, copper b.vitamin B, lydocaine c.vitamin C, Zinc d.vitamin E, acetate vitamin C, Zinc
cells migrating from the edges to center is indicative of? a.granulation b.ES d.bandaging re-epithelialization
you would remove eschar for a wound contraction T/F? true, the surrounding tissue must be soft, pliable, and healthy
you would start doing ROM and massage during the proliferative phase. T/F? true
collagen III into Collagen I starts during what phase? a.proliferation b.inflammation c.remodeling d.regranulation remodeling
what stage does revasculariztion occur? remodeling
Sharp cuts, sterile environment, sewing, but heals quickly with little scarring is which repair process? a.delayed intention b.secondary intention c.primary intention d.remodeling phase primary intention
a large open wound, that heals slowly from outside border, with a large scar is which type of repair process? a.primarary b.secondary c.delayed d.proliferation secondary
a wound occuring outside ER, left open to drain, will want to heal inside out and possibly close later in Surgery is which type of repair process? a.primary b.secondary c.delayed d.inflammation delayed
a painful wound, that heals quickly with islands of epithelial cells is which thickness of burn? a.full-thickness b.partial thickness c.deep b.superficial partial thickness
a burn where skin graft is recommended, and high chance of necrotizing infections is which burn thickness? a.partial b.full c.superficial full
any wound that does not heal in a reasonable time period is termed ____ chronic
which of the following would be an intrinsic factor for delayed closure of a wound? a.wound dressings b.diabetes c.infection d.condition of peri-wound B,C,D are all indicative of intrinsic factor for delayed closure of a wound
Allowing dressing to dry would is an example of environmental factors for delayed closure of a wound. T/F? True
the maximum PSI to clean a wound is? a.2 b.6 c.4 d.8 8
you use a __ cc syringe and __ gauge needle to clean out a wound. a.30,18 b.38,15 c.35,19 d.20,19 35,19
would you use a film over a wound in which the pt had high blood sugar? yes
increased BUN, decreased Na, and increased cratinine is indicative of a pt being dehydrated? False, increased, Na, BUN and creatinine are all showing in dehydration
couch potato, tobacco use and alchohol use are part of a pt's social history? T/F true
arterial pain will decrase with exercise. T/F? False Arterial pain will Increase with exercise
AHCPR stands for? a.acadamy of Health Concerns for Policy and Research for Human Care and Public Research for Health Care Policy and Research for Health Centers and Policy Research c
wound down to but not through fascia is a stage __ ulcer. b.two c.three d.four three
Full thickness loss and visible SubQ adipose is seen in what stage ulcer? b.two c.three d.four three
Full thickness loss to tendon or muscle may be seen in what stage ulcer? b.two c.three d.four four
visible eschar is a stage four ulcer T/F? False it's a stage x "unstagable" ulcer
Long sinus tracks straight in a wound is called underminding. T/F? False, Tunneling
what is the term for skin that folds under a wound and does not close in on the wound itself? a.rolling b.turning c.lipping d.tracking lipping
dry,scant, min/mod/profuse are terms for describing what on wound drainage? a.color b.odor c.consistency d.amount amount
slight indention recovering in 15 seconds is what grade of pitting edema? b.two c.three d.four two
deep indention, returning to normal in 30 seconds is what stage of pitting edema? b.two c.three d.four three
which of the following is Invasive vascular testing? a.checking pulse b.doppler US c.angiogram d.cuff test angiogram
a 4+ grade on a pulse test that is bounding could mean aneurysm. T/F? True
a diminished pulse is a grade? b.two c.three d.four two
what is the name of the filaments used to check for neuropathies? a.Winston-Shurr b.dermatome c.Semmes-Weinstein d.Siemen-Weirstein Semmes-Weinstein
scorring escar is called? a.Slouthing b.Tunneling c.Crosshatching d.debriding Crosshatching
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