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lung diseases s/sx

obstruction of the flow of air though the bronchial tubes is termed? a.pneumonia b.restrictive c.obstructive d.lung cancer obstructive
conditions that limit chest expansion is termed? a.bronchitis b.emphysema c.restrictive d.cor pulmonale restrictive
what is the #1 cause of COPD? smoking
what are chronically inflammed cells that hypertrophy and produce excessive secretions. a.cilia b.mucous c.goblet d.alveoli goblet
what are the hairlike structures that line the airway? a.goblet b.cilia c.mucous d.alveolar cilia
what occurs when the alveolar membrane is destroyed in the advanced stages? a.collapse b.infections c.inflammation d.hypoxia hypoxia
when the air becomes trapped and the lungs become over-inflated the airways can ___. a.inflate b.enlarge c.collapse d.cor pulmonale collapse
lungs can lose their ____ and the thorax ____ due to trapped air, this will increase the work of respiration. a.
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