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Causes of Amer. Rev.

Causes of he American Revolution

What are two other names for the American Revoulution? The Revolutionary War and the War for Independence
Why was the French and Indian War a major cause of the Revolutionary War? Britain spent a lot of $ providing soldiers for the colonists and after the war the King wanted the colonists to help pay for it.
Where did the first battles take place? Lexington and Concord
How did the war end? Treaty of Paris in 1783
What did the Proclamation of 1763 state? The colonists couldn't move west of the Appalachian Mountains
Why did the King of Britain issue the Proclamation of 1763? He did not want the Native Americans to start any new wars.
How did the colonists feel about the Proclamation of 1763? They were upset because they wanted to move west and settle new lands.
In order to help pay for the war, what did the King of Britain force the colonists to do? Make the colonists pay taxes, for example the Stamp Act and Sugar Act.
What was the Quartering Act? Forced the colonists to take care of the British soldiers by housing and feeding them.
What does no taxation without representation mean? The colonists felt they couldn't be taxed if they were able to represent themselves in Parliment.
What were colonists who wanted to break free of Britain called? Patriots
What were colonists who wanted to remain loyal to Britain called? Loyalists
How many patriots were killed in the Boston Massacre? 5
Why was the Boston Massacre called a massacre? Because the Redcoats had guns and the Patriots didn't.
Who did the Patriots dress as during the Boston Tea Party? Indians
How many crates were dumped into the Boston Harbor? 342
What did Ben Franklin's "Join or Die" cartoon mean? He thought that the colonies needed to work together to defeat Britain.
Created by: courtneyranney
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