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Honors PLTW Principles of Enginering Level 2-1 Statics

Vocab WordDefinition
Cable A strong rope designed to be used in structures
Centroid Geometric Area Center
Compression Force Body subjected to a push
Concurrent Force Systems Force system where all forces are applied at the common point on the body or having lines of action with a common intersection point
Cross-Sectional Area Surface or shape thats exposed by making a straight cut through something at right angles to the axis
Direction of a Vector Defined by the angles between the reference axis and the arrow's line of direction
Fixed Support Support that prevents translation and beam rotation
Flange Broad ridge or pairs of ridges projecting at a right angle from its environment, showing external forces acting upon it
Free Body Diagram Used to isolate a body from its environment, showing external forces acting upon it
Gusset Plate or bracket for strengthening an angle in framework
Joint Connection points of members of a truss
Magnitude Absolute value of a number
Member Slender straight pieces of a truss connected by joints
Method of Joints Method of analysis of trusses which constructs free body diagrams of each joint and determines the forces acting in that joint considering equilibrium of the joint pin
Moment Turing effect of force about a point equal to the magnitude of the force times the perpendicular distance from the point to the line of action from the force
Moment of Inertia Mathematical property of cross sections that is concerned with surface areas and how areas are distributed about a centroidal axis
Newtons 1st Inertia: Things keep doing whatever they all ready are doing.
Newton's 2nd Particles continue at a state of rest
Newton's 3rd If bodies exert a force on another then the 2nd body exerts force on the 1st body
Pinned Support Support that prevents translation
Planar Truss Lies in a single plane often to support roofs and bridges
Resultant Force Resultant of a system of force is the vector sum of all forces
Roller Supports Support that prevents beams from translating in 1 direction
Scalar Physical quantity that has magnitude only
Sense Sense of a vector is the direction of the vector relative to its path and indicated by the location of the arrow.
Simple Truss Composed of triangles, which will retain its shape even when removed from supports
Static Equilibrium Condition where there are no net external forces acting upon a particle or rigid body and the body remains at rest or continues at a constant velocity
Statically Indeterminate Structure or body which is over-constrained such that there are more unknown supports than there are equations of static equilibrium
Structure Something made up of interdependent parts in a definite pattern of organization, like trusses, machines and frames
Tension Force Body subjected to a pull
Vector Quantity Quantity that has both magnitude and direction
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