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Spelling week 11

Absurd Making no sense at all, completely against or having no reason
Avalanche A large mass of snow, rock or other materials sliding or falling swiftly down a mountainside; something resembling such an event
Classify To group or label in an organized way
Ensure To make sure, safe or certain to guarantee
Navigate To plan or steer the course of a vessel or vehicle; to make one's way, get around
Nestle To settle down comfortably; to hold lovingly
Plea An urgent request for help; the answer given in a law court by a person accused of a crime.
Principle A basic rule or law which others are based; a belief used to tell right from wrong.
Realistic Using facts or good sense to evaluate people; things or situations concerned with the practical; resembling real life
Security Freedom from danger, fear or doub; safety
Selective Very careful about choosing or using
Tart Having a sharp or sour taste; sharp in manner or tone.
Created by: Svandewalker