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Warm-up and stretch

Warm-up and stretching unit!

Warm-up movements and/or the movement phrases designed to raise the core body temp., move through a preparatory range of movement and bring the mind into focus for the dance.
Stretch to extend a part of the body to it's full extent in order to lengthen the muscles.
Important rules to follow when stretching: (1) only stretch as far as your body allows you to
Important rules to follow when stretching: (2) maintain excellent posture
Important rules to follow when stretching: (3) keeps toes fully pointed or flexed when instructed
Important rules to follow when stretching: (4) do no bend the knees unless the stretch requires you to do so
Important rules to follow when stretching: (5) stretches should be held for 5-30 seconds
Why stretching is important: (1) to prevent injury
Why stretching is important: (2) it develops strength and flexibility
Why stretching is important: (3) promotes a healthy lifestyle
Why stretching is important: (4) it helps relieve stress
Body aspect WHAT the body does
Basic body shapes wide, twisted, angular, curved, and narrow
All basic body shapes can be...? symmetrical or non-symmetrical (except twisted)
Locomotive moving off of your spot
Non-locomotive moving on your spot
Space aspect WHERE the body moves
Levels area apace in between the floor and the body where the body is located
3 levels low, middle,and high
Choreographic process brainstorm, improvise, create, analyze, revise, and finalize
Pathway imaginary line that your body or body part follows
2 pathway areas aerial and floor
Types of pathways zig-zag, straight, and curved
Choreography process of making a dance composition
Composition dance that has been created
Beginning shape 1st movement or pose executed to show start of composition
Ending shape the last movement or pose executed at the end of the composition
Theme underlying idea or intent to create movement
Created by: Jcandy
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