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World Geo Ch. 8

World Geo Chapter 8 vocab

estuary an area where the tide meets the river current.
canopy top layer of a rainforest where the tops of tall trees form a continuous layer of leaves.
tierra caliente Spanish term for "hot land". The lowest altitude zone of Latin American highland climates.
altiplano Spanish for "high plain". A region in Peru and Bolivia encirled by the Andes peak.
tierra fria Spanish term for "cold land". The highest altitude zone of Latin American highland climates.
tierra templada Spanish term for "temperate lands" the middle altitude zone of Latin American highlands climate.
escarpment steep cliff or slope between a higher and lower land surface.
cordillera parallel chains or ranges of mountains.
llanos vast plains in Northern South America.
gaucho The lowlands of Argentina and Uruguay.
hydroelectric power Electric energy generated by falling water.
pampa plains areas of South America.
Andes Rocky mountain in the highlands and South America.
Mato Grasso Plateau Sparsely populated plateau of forests and grasslands. Spread over much of Brazil and across the west to Bolivia and Peru.
humid subtropics winters are short and mild, summers are long, hot, and humid. Summers occasionally bring short dry periods.
selva Wet tropical areas of Latin America with dense cover of rainforest.
tropica savanna S.W. Mexico and Caribbean islands and north-central S. America. Hopt temps and lots of rainfall - extended dry season.
Sierra Madre Rocky mountains in Mexico.
South America Largest continent in Latin America.
West Indies Bahamas, Greater Antilles, Lesser Antilles
Amazon River Winds about 4000 miles through the heart of South America. Starts at Peruvian Andes to the Atlantic Coast of Brazil.
Rio Brava del Norte Wild River of the North.
Middle America Consists of Mexico and the seven countries of Central America.



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