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Driver's Ed Ch 16-18

What is the Arkansas Lemon-Law? A guarentee that a new car will be under warranty for 24 months OR 24,000 miles.
_____-a written guarentee that the seller will repair the vehicle if something goes wrong within a period of time Warranty
_____ _____- a guide to the average price paid to deaths for different makes and models of used vehicles Blue book
_____ insurance- proof that you will be financially responsible if you cause damage to property or injure other people Liability
_____ insurance-pays for damage to your vehicle even if you are to blame for a crash or are envolved with an uninsured driver Collision
_____ insurance-covers death or injury caused by fire, explosion, natural disasters, falling objects, or vandilism Comprehensive
Name 5 factors that determine the cost of insurance. Age; gender; where you live; marital status; type of vehicle
Lead-free gasoline was introduced to the U.S. in _____. 1973
The heart of your vehicle's electrical system is the _____. Battery
_____-provides a constant charge for the battery Alternator
_____ is the key element in your vehicle's lubricating system. Oil
In what part of the vehicle do you put antifreeze? the radiator
_____ _____-a colorless, odorless gas Carbon Monoxide
_____-where the spring and shock absorber are contained in one unit strut
_____ _____- works to control bouncing shock absorber
Name the 3 types of tires. radial; bias ply; bias belted
_____-the grooved outer surface of a tire tread
Most traffic fatalities happen within _____ miles of the driver's home. 25
Towing a trailer can decrease a vehicle's fuel defeciency by as much as _____. 50%
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