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PSY 1010 Exam 2

What are the two type of long term memory? Explicit memory and Implicit memory
The processing of information into the memory system Encoding
The retention of encoded information over time. Storage
The process of getting information out of memory. Retention
The capacity to store and retrieve information Memory
What are the three ways we retrieve memory? Encoding, Storage, and Retention
What percentage of learning is retrieved after 2 days? 30 percent
What percentage of learning is retained after 40 minutes of learning? approximately 50 percent
When old memory interferes with retrieving new information it is called? Proactive interference, Example: previously learned language interferes with ability to learn new language.
When new memory interferes with retrieving old information it is called? Retroactive interference, Example: learning a new language interferes with the ability to learn a new language.
Magy has studied all day long, but she is still anxious about her test. Magy hypothesizes that if she stays up and studies she'll remember more of the information. Is her hypothesis correct? Magy's is not correct because studies have shown that people retain more information after sleeping than after remaining awake.
What are the three types of memory? Sensory store, short term, and long term
What is sensory store memory? It is what you see or hear in an instant.
What is another name for short term memory? working memory
What are the two kinds of sensory memory iconic, and echoic
A brief visual record left on the retina of the eye iconic memory
A short term retention of sounds. echoic memory
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