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Radiation Protection

What are two sources of secondary radiation? Leakage and scatter
What is the approximate entrance skin exposure for the average anteroposterior supine abdomen? 300 mrad
What x-ray interaction is responsible for the majority of scattered radiation reaching the IR? Compton scatter
The minimum lead requirement for lead aprons is what according to the NCRP? 0.5 mm Pb
X-ray interaction with matter and the transference of part of the photon's energy to matter is called what? Scattering
What type of radiation is responsible for the annual dose limit for occupationally exposed individuals? Beta, x-, and gamma radiations
What type of photon is filtration most on? Low-energy scattered photons
What is used to describe the quality of an x-ray beam? HVL-half-value layer
Isotopes are atoms that have what? Same atomic number but different mass
What is the purpose of the filter in a film badge? Measure radiation quality
As LET increases, what happens with RBE? Increase LET, increase RBE
Does the photoelectric effect involve interaction with an inner-shell electron or outer-shell electron? Inner-shell
What occurs during the production of characteristic radiation at the tungsten target? The incident electron ejects an inner-shell tungsten electron.
What effect is most responsible for patient dose? Photoelectric effect
What is the single most scattering object in radiography and fluoroscopy? The patient
What does effective dose refer to? Whole-body dose
What is the primary function of filtration? To reduce patient skin dose.
What does the target theory apply to? DNA molecules
What is the pregnant radiographer's dose-equivalent limit for the first month? 0.5 mSv
What unit is the radiation output from a diagnostic x-ray tube measured in? Roentgen
Tabletop exposure rate should not exceed what limit during fluoroscopy? 10 R/hr
What program ensures the proper functioning of x-ray equipment and protects both the employees and the patients? Quality assurance
What amount of radiation exposure is required to cause temporary infertility to the reproductive organs? 200 rad
What amount of radiation exposure is required to cause sterility to the reproductive organs? 500 rad
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