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Europe Ch. 7-Darden

Europe Ch. 7 - HCMS Review Games --Cathy Darden

Europe and Asia create this shared landform Eurasia
Four seas that frame Europe's coastline Atlantic, Baltic, North, Black and Mediterranean
Define peninsula land surrounded by water on 3 sides
How many independent countries are squeezed together in Europe 40 independent countries
Name the 6 major islands in Europe Great Britain, Ireland, Iceland, Sicily, Crete and Cyprus
Name the major plain in Europe Northern European Plain
Highest mountain peak in Europe Mont Blanc
Two highest mountain ranges in Europe Alpine Mountain system and Pyrenees
Define navigable allowing movement of people and goods
Two longest rivers in Europe Danube and Rhine Rivers
In the 1800s ________, a natural resource, has fueled Europe's development. coal
____________ energy is popular and includes the use of hydroelectric and wind farms. Clean
A resource used to make steel Manganese
A resource used to make china dishes Clay
Resource found in Norway and Sweden Granite
_________ Builds up in lakes, rivers, streams and poisons and kills wildlife Acid Rain
How is runoff problematic? The pesticides and fertilizers enter rivers thus harming wildlife
How is algae growth harmful? It robs rivers of oxygen and kills marine life
__________ is added to lakes to stop acid rain. Lime
Farmers can use less fertilizer to reduce______ runoff
Europeans look to _______________ more paper, plastics and glass. recycle
Europeans enjoy a milder __________ due to the Gulf of Mexico. climate
Name the winds that carry warmth to Europe. westerlies
Name the climate with mild temperatures and a longer growing season. Marine West Coast Climate Zone
Name the climate with lots of precipitation in autumn and early winter. Marine West Coast Climate Zone
Name the climate in which forests thrive. Marine West Coast Climate Zone
Name the climate with cool dry winds from the Arctic and Asia and cooler summer summers and colder winters. Humid Continental Climate Zone
Name the zone that gets less rain and even less snow. Humid Continental Climate Zone
This climate is wet and marshy due to slow evaporation in the cooler environment. Humid Continental Climate Zone
This climate has hot summers and very little rainfall. Mediterranean Climate
Winters are mild and wet and NO worries about snow ever. Mediterranean Climate
Name the wind that is cold and dry which brings great surfing waves to France. Mistral
Forests are rare in this climate zone. Mediterranean Climate
Residents enjoy this climate zone by living a slower pace, taking midday lunches and spending evenings at local cafes. Mediterranean Climate
Iceland has this type of climate zone. Subarctic and Tundra
There can be up to 20 hours of sunshine in this climate zone. Subarctic and Tundra
Nights can be as long as 20 hours in this climate zone. Subarctic and Tundra
No trees are found along the timberline--and only scrubby bushes and low-lying plants survive in this zone. Highland climate zone
Name the hot dry winds from Africa that make humid conditions in Europe. Siroccos
This zone is located in the southern parts of the Ukraine. Steppe
Treeless grasslands are found in this zone. Steppe
This zone includes land north of the Adriatic Sea. Subtropical Zone
Glacial melting is the result of temperatures increasing or decreasing? Increasing of temperatures
Name the treaty that was put in place to manager energy use and slow global warming. Kyoto Treaty
Created by: cathydarden



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