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CC Fire 53 Quiz 4

Federal Communications Commission Government agency charged with administering the provisions of the Communications Act of 1934 and the revised Telecommunications Act of 1996 and responsible for nonfederal radio-frequency users.
Fill Site The area where tenders are filled or obtain their water.
Fire Flow Capacity The amount of water available or amount that the water distribution system is capable of flowing.
Fire Hazard Any condition, situation, or operation that could lead to the ignition of unwanted combustion or result in proper combustion becoming uncontrolled.
Fire Hose A flexible conduit used to convey water or other agent from a water source to the fire.
Fire Hydraulics The principles associated with the storage and transfer of water in firefighting activities.
Fire Load The amount of heat generated when the building and its contents burn.
Fire-Resistive Rating The time in hours that a material or assembly can withstand fire exposure. Fire-resistive ratings are usually provided for testing organizations. The ratings are expressed in a time frame, usually hours or portions thereof.
Fire Shelter A last-resort protective device for wildland firefighters caught or trapped in an environment where a firestorm or blowup is imminent.
Fire Stopping Pieces of material, usually wood or masonry, placed in stud or joist channels to slow the extension of fire.
Fire Stream The water or other agent as it leaves the hose and nozzle toward its objective, usually the fire.
Fire Tetrahedron Four-sided pyramid-like figure used to depict the four ingredients necessary for combustion: heat, fuel, oxygen, and chemical chain reaction.
Friction Loss Measurement of friction in a system such as a hoseline.
Friction Caused by the rubbing mof materials against each other while in movement and converts or robs some of the movement energy into heat energy.
Flammable Limits The concentration level of a substance at which it will burn. Flammable limits are expressed as a percent range mixed in air.
Flanks of the Fire The sides of a wildland fire running from the start point up each side to the end of the fire running into unburned areas.
Flash point The lowest temperature at which a fuel off-gases an ignitable mixture that, when introduced to a spark or flame, will briefly ignite, but not sustain burning.
Flashover A sudden event that occurs when all the contents of a container reach their ignition temperature nearly simultaneously.
Flow The rate or quantity of water delivered, usually measured in gallons per minute or liters per minute.
Fluoroprotein Film-Forming Foam Combines protein with the film-forming fluorinated surfactants of AFFF to improve on the qualities of both types of foam.
Fly Ladder That portion of a ladder that extends out from the bed ladder. Also called fly section.
Foam An aggregate of gas-filled bubbles formed from aqueous solutions of specially formulated concentrated liquid foaming agents.
Fog Nozzle Delivers either a fixed spray pattern or variable combination of straight stream and spray patterns.
Forcible Entry The fire scene task of gaining entry to a building or secured area by disabling, breaking, or going around locking and security devices.
Freelancing The act of working alone or performing a task for which the firefighter has not been assigned.
Freezing Point The temperature at which liquids become solids.
Flammable Range Ratio of gas to air that will sustain fire if exposed to flame or spark.
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