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What pixel size has a 512 by 512 matrix with a 20cm FOV? 0.40 mm/pixel Lange Q&A pg. 195
What relationship does SID and recorded detail have? Direct Lange Q&A pg. 196
What modality x-ray tube should be capable of high-speed rotation, short pulsed exposures and able to handle millions of heat units? CT Lange Q&A pg. 195
Which part of a CR image plate records the radiographic image? photostimulable phosphor Lange Q&A pg. 197
The luminescent light emitted by the PSP is transformed into the image seen on the CRT by the _______. ADC or analog to digital converter Lange Q&A pg. 197
The term ______ is able to change the image contrast and density. windowing Lange Q&A pg. 198
If the radiographic object being imaged is placed at an angle to the IR it may cause ______ foreshortening Lange Q&A pg. 198
How should unopened boxes of radiographic film be stored? vertical Lange Q&A pg. 199
True/False: Characteristics of DR imaging include: solid-state detector receptor plates, a direct-capture imaging system, and immediate image display True Lange Q&A pg. 200
The purpose of the automatic processor's transport system is to ______. move film and change direction Lange Q&A pg. 201
What 3 aspects affect the exposure rate of the primary beam? mA, kVp, and distance Lange Q&A pg. 201
Small cresent shaped artifacts on a processed film are the result of ______. acute bending of film before or after it has been exposed Lange Q&A pg. 203
Excessive developer temp, oxidized developer, and excessive replenishment may cause what on an image? chemical fog Lange Q&A pg. 204
What happens to radiographic density if the intensifying screen speed increases? density increases also Lange Q&A pg. 204
If a 48" SID is used, how much OID must be used to magnify an object two times? 24" OID Lange Q&A pg. 204
The direction of electron travel in the x-ray tube is ______ Cathode to anode Lange Q&A pg. 205
What is the absorption of useful radiation by a grid? grid cutoff Lange Q&A pg. 206
What is likely to result from using single-emulsion film in an IR that has two intensifying screens? decreased density Lange Q&A pg. 206
A 15% decrease in kV accompanied by a 50% increase in mAs will result in ________. shorter scale of contrast Lange Q&A pg. 206
Focal spot ____ is greatest toward the cathode end of the x-ray beam. blur Lange Q&A pg. 207
What pathology would require a decrease in exposure factors? emphysema Lange Q&A pg. 208
If an image exposed using a 12:1 grid exhibits a loss of density at its lateral edges, it may be because the ___ was too great. SID Lange Q&A pg. 208
Film sensitivity must be matched with the proper color screen fluorescence. Spectral matching Lange Q&A pg. 208
Order of radiograph film processing. (4 steps) developer, fixer, wash, dry Lange Q&A pg. 209
What pathologic condition may require a decrease in exposure factors? Osteoporosis Lange Q&A pg. 209
A film that has been processed but not exposed will have a density of ____. 0.1 Lange Q&A pg. 210
What device is used to overcome severe variation in patient anatomy or tissue density, providing more uniform density. compensating filter Lange Q&A pg. 211
The microswitch for controlling the amount of replenishment used in an automatic processor is located where? At the entrance roller Lange Q&A pg. 212
True/False: Bone density is often performed to measure degree of bone mineralization and evaluate the results of osteoporosis treatment. True Lange Q&A pg. 212
What matrix size produces the best image resolution? 2048 X 2048 Lange Q&A pg. 213
What is used to determine the sensitivity of a particular film emulsion? Sensitometric curve Lange Q&A pg. 213
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