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Sociology Unit 2

Sociology Unit 2 Culture Mrs. Furbush

taboo A strictly enforced rule of behavior that, when violated, calls for Strong punishment
value an idea about what kind of behavior is desirable and good that is shared by the people in a society
More A norm that has amoral component and which members of a society are expected to follow
symbol A thing that stands for something else
sanction a method of rewarding or punishing individuals in order to encourage them to obey norms
reflex an automatic response to A stimulus such as blinking when a boll comes to you
belief an idea about the nature of reality
Subculture a segment of culture that differs from that culture in some distinct, recognizable ways
cultural universal a cultural trait that is present in all cultures
culture The customs, knowledge, values, and physical objects that are shared by those who are members of a particular society
drive A inherited impulse, such as drinking when thirsty
ethnocentrism Judging other people and groups according to the standards and Values of one's own culture
Sociobology Joins together the ideas of modern genetics with Darwin's theory of Natural selection
law when a norm is formally defined and enforced by officials such as police officers
society a territory that B lived in by a group of people who share the same culture
cultural relativism Judging another culture by its own standards
material culture the concrete, tangible objects of a culture
non-material culture the ideas, knowledge, and beliefs that influence peoples behaviors of a culture
nature v. nurture The debate over which factor nature Lour biology) or nurture (our environment) influences who we are the most
Heredity Traits such as eye color that are determined by our genes or DNA
folkway norms with little moral significance; common customs such as using table manners
language standard system of written and spoken symbols
Norms shared Rules of conduct
American Values Equal opportunity, Achievement & Success, Activity and Work, Efficiency& Practicality, Progress, Science, Material Comfort, Democracy, Freedom, and Racism and Group Superiority
Why does culture change? Discovery, Invention, Technology
Why is language important? With language, humans can pass their experiences, ideas, and knowledge to others.
Culture Shock the disorientation that people experience when they come into contact with a different culture
Created by: sfurbush