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General Pharmacy

Who's who in the Pharmacy World

Whos is Aristotle? Greek Philosopher & Scientist. Responisble for advancements in biology and the study & classification of various organisms. Classified humans as animals.
Who is Claudius Galen? He proved that blood flowed through the arteries rather than air.
Who is Hippocrates? Considered to be the Father of Medicine.
Who is Roger Bacon? Refined and explained the importance of experimental methods. Moving away from the dogmatic beliefs of the era.
Who is Paracelsus? Swiss physician and alchemist. He believed that it was important to treat illness with one medication at a time.
What is the Staff of Asclepius? It is the formal symbol of medicine.
What does the Staff of Asclepius look like? Wingless walking stick with a single serpent wrapped around it.
What is Caduceus? Often mistaken as the formal Symbol of Medicine. It is a staff with two entwined snakes and two wings at the top.
Who is Gerhard Domagk? Discovered the first synethetic antibotic. Sulfonamide.
Who is Alexander Fleming? Discovered the first antibotic Penicillin.
Who is Louis Pasteur? Discovered pasteurization & several vaccines.
Who is Gregor Mendel? Known as the father of genetics. Also a scientist and a monk.
What is an Apothecary? Latin term for Pharmacist. Place where drugs are sold.
What is bloodletting? Thought to be an effective way to lessen excess body fluids that were believed to cause illness.
What is dogma? Being able to both cause and cure illness based on a set of beliefs.
An oath taken by physicians concerning the ethics and practice of medicine. Hippocratic Oath.
Hospital and institutional setting. Impatient Pharmacy.
Mixture of opium and alcohol. Laudanum.
What is a Leeches? A worm with suckers attach themselves and engorge themselves on the host's blood.
Who feeds on dead tissue? Maggots. They also are used in medicine to clean wounds not responding to routine antibotics.
The science and art dealing with the maintenance of health. Medicine.
What is an Opioid? An agent that binds opioid receptors.
Made from a Poppy Plant. What am I? Opium.
A place to serve the communitity. Outpatient Pharmacy.
Dispenses and counsels patients on use and interactions it may have with other meds or foods? Who is the Pharmacist.
A place where medications are sold? A Pharmacy.
Who assists patients with payment of medications? A Pharmacy Clerk.
Who assist the pharmacist with filling and nondiscretionary tasks. Pharmacy Technician.
The national exam for Pharmacy Techs? PTCB (Pharmacy Technician Certification Board)
What is Placebo Effect? Experiences relief through faith in a treatment that provides no tangible medicinal or treatment purposes.
What is a Shaman? Person who holds a high place of honor in a tribe as a healer and spiritual meditator.
An opening in the head to allow disease to leave the body. What is Trephining?
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