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Digital Imaging

Bushong Ch 28

What is spatial resolution? Resolution in space
The ability of an imaging system to resolve and render on the image a small high-contrast object is called? Spatial resolution
Spatial resolution is usually described as? The size of an object that can be viewed.
In medical imaging often times you will here spatial resolution being referred to by the quantity which is? Spatial frequency
True or False. The concept of spatial frequency does not refer to size but to the line pair. True. page 450
True or False. A line pair is a black line on white background. One line pair consists of the black line and the interspace of the same width as the line. True. page 450
Spatial frequency is expressed in what? line pairs per millimeter (lp/mm)
Spatial frequency relates the number of line pairs in a given length, expressed as centimeters or millimeters. True
black on white creates high contrast gray on white creates low contrast
Spatial frequency is an important characteristic that is used to describe? Medical images and medical imaging systems.
When they refer to the quantity of spatial resolution as a whole they are actually talking about spatial frequency. True
As spatial frequency becomes larger, the objects become smaller. True
Large soft tissues such as the liver, kidney, brain have low spatial frequency and are easy to image. Bone trabeculae, breast microcalcifications and contrast filled vessels are considered what type of frequency? high-frequency objects
Created by: Baker RAD 2012