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Sociology Unit 1

Sociology Unit 1 Review Mrs. Furbush

Sociology study of human behavior in groups
Perspective a point of view
Father of Sociology Auguste Compte
Analyzed structure of Black community W.E.B. DuBois
Verstehen theory that one must be able to put themselves in someone else's shoes
Wrote about inferior role of women Harriet Martineau
Compared society to the human body and believed in Social Darwinism Herbert Spencer
Functionalism Theory that looks at society as an integrated whole. If one part breaks down, the other parts are affected.
Symbolic Interactionism Theory focuses on the interaction of people based on their shared meaning of symbols
Conflict Theory Theory that states there is conflict and competition between groups in society
Gender & race issues deal with this theory Conflict Theory
This theory may blame an increase in crime to a breakdown in the family Functionalism
Two types of research in sociology Quantitative & Qualitative
This research method involves people answering a series of questions Survey
In this method, researchers use pre-collected data such as prison records, government reports Secondary Analysis
Child Ed students observing children in the PACTT Center is an example of this type of research Field Research
Research must not harm the people involved Code of Ethics
Conformity How members of a group think, feel, and behave in a similiar way
JROTC students all wear uniforms Example of Conformity
Sociological Imagination How we see the relationship between our personal lives and society
Social Structure The patterned interaction of people in social relationships
Correlation A measure of how things are related to each other
Karl Marx German scholar who believed society was made up of conflict between two social classes
What are 7 steps in research? Identify the problem, Review the Literature, Formulate the Hypothesis, Develop the research design, Collect data, Analyze data, State findings & conclusion
Created by: sfurbush