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Arch II Floor Plan

A small room adjoining a larger room often separated by an archway or cased opening Alcove
The inside trim board placed below a window sill Apron
The room designed specifically for washing, drying, folding, and ironing clothes Laundry
A covered walkway with open sides between two different parts of a structure Breezeway
The masonry wall formed with two wythes with air space between each face Cavity wall
The decorative trim that covers the space between the jamb and a rough opening Casing
Type of design are rooms in cubicles with little opportunity for overflow into other rooms Closed plan
A term used in building codes to describe access Egress
The lines used to show where an object is to be sectioned Cutting plane
The member that extends vertically in a door or window opening Side jamb
A water closet that is partitioned off from other bathroom fixtures Compartmentalized
The exterior floor supported on at least two opposing sides by adjoining structures, piers, or posts Deck
Bathroom fixture designed for washing hands and face Lavatory
Vertical and horizontal members between window and door units Mullions
Building parts that have been preassembled either in a plant or on-site Modular
Members that divide window glass into smaller panes Muntins
Ground-level exterior entertaining area that is made of concrete, stone, brick, or treated wood Patio
Walls in a building that are designed for plumbing pipes to be installed Plumbing wall
The horizontal member that rests on the foundation wall to support other wood members Mud Sill
Water-flushing plumbing fixture designed to receive and discharge human waste Water closet
Room that includes space for laundry as well as long-term storage of food Utility Room
The beveled member directly under a door Threshold
Grouping areas of the home Zoning
Another name for “foyer” Entry hall
A minimum, acceptable size for a double car garage 20' × 20'
The conventionally accepted depth of a linen closet 1' – 6"
When meeting with a client, this information should be obtained Design needs or requirement list
The kitchen work triangle, with all sides added together, should not exceed 22' – 0"
The recommended depth for wall cabinets 12" to 18"
Type of kitchen that has cabinets on two adjacent walls L-shaped
A covered area leading into a building Porch
An enclosed area designed to protect an automobile Garage
A “half bath” would include, water closet and lavatory
When the water closet is separated from the bathroom by walls and doors Compartmented bath
When designing the dining room, you should take into consideration the Exterior view
The number of bedrooms in a typical residence 3
A room for the laundry appliances Utility room
A covered area that provides protection from the weather between a house and a garage Breezeway
Attic space used as living space is found in which plan? one and one-half story
The L-shape kitchen is located along Two walls
Which house plan has a second floor with less square footage than the first floor? one and one-half story
The foyer typically includes a closet
Minimum depth for a wall-type wardrobe closet 24"
Which door should be sized to allow for furniture movement? Bedroom
What plan may combine several spaces (rooms) into one area? “open” floor plan
Bathrooms must have natural ventilation or exhaust fan
Kitchen design and efficiency based upon how many centers? Three
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