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BCT words

BCT words for test

the properties or characteristics of an object Attributes
printouts of your electronic presentation that your audience can use to follow along and to take notes. Audience handouts
a type of slide layout that allows you to enter several levels of text; each level is formatted in a different point size. Bulleted List Slide
provides consistency in design and color throughout the entire presentation; determines the color scheme, font and font size, and layout of your presentation. Design template
allows you to create diagrams using shapes such as arcs, arrows, cubes, rectangles, stars, and triangles. Drawing
allows you to create and insert charts into your presentations. Graphing
a link you click to display another webpage or document within a presentation; can consist of specially formatted text, buttons, and hotspots on graphics or pictures. Hyperlink
list each of the menus in applications and usually appears near the top of the application window under the window title bar. Menu bar Menu bar
ucombines text, graphics, animation, video, and adio. Multimedia
- adds interest and keeps your audience attentive by adding effects, such as sound and video to your presentation. Multimedia effects
allows you quickly to create your presentation using an outline format. Outlining
Presentation file
Presentation graphics software
Slide show
Speaker notes
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