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SS Ch 7 Vocab

SS Ch 7 Vocab Lessons 1-4

a colonist who was against British rule Patriot
a person who remained loyal to the British king Loyalist
not choosing a side in a disagreement neutral
a general rise in the prices of goods and services inflation
charging an extra high price for a good or service profiteering
a person who has served in the military veteran
to sign up or join enlist
a soldier who serves for pay in the military of a foreign nation mercenary
a series of military actions carried out for a certain goal campain
an event that causes an important change turning point
to try to reach an agreement among different people negotiate
a person who is not in the military civilian
someone who acts against his or her own government traitor
letters and diaries written by a person soon after experiencing a historical event documentary sources
a person who wanted to end slavery abolitionist
to end abolish
land that bwelongs to a nation but is not a state and is not represented in the national government territory
a law or set of laws ordinance
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