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Unit Exam Review

Short Story

In “The Charmer” Zachery is commonly regarded as a Golden-Boy
Greg drops out of University and becomes a ____________________ much to the disappointment of his father in “Brother Dear” Vegetarian
“Dad never uses the S-word in from of us, but we always get a lot of talk about coronaries” explains Sharlene in “Brother Dear”. After reviewing vocabulary from the story we know that a coronary is The failure of blood circulation to the heart.
A character who is very complex and is well developed by the author is known as a Round
During The story “A Walk to the Jetty”, Annie is walking through space as well as Time
The character that directly opposes the main character in a short story is known as The antagonist
"Lamb to the Slaughter" is a great example of which kind of irony? Dramatic
A fire station burning to the groud is a great example of which kind of irony? Situational
When we have finished reading a story but there is not a complete resolution, we know that the ending was Ambiguous
The highest point of action on the short story model is the Climax
Created by: MsMahoney
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