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lesson 20 geo test

world geo

a place that gets less then 10" of water per year desert
an isolated location where water is found in a desert oasis
name a desert in north Africa Sahara
the Sahara is about the same size as what country U.S.A
what semiarid arid grassland is located along the Sahara desert southern edge Sahel
describe the climate of the Sahara desert hot and dry
I am land located in the Sahel that is not well suited for growing crops marginal land
we are groups of herders who move our animals from place to place in search of pasture and water pastoral nomads
the process by which land becomes more and more dry until it turns into a desert desertification
what may cause desertification -climate change -human activities -both of the above
name the three main land forms found in the Sahara -regs -ergs -hammadas
I am great seas of sand with tall sand dunes ergs
I am gravel covered plains regs
I am high rock covered flat lands that are really tall hammadas
name the two main rivers found in the Sahara -nile -niger
I can turn into raging rivers after rain then dry quickly wadis
true or false: temperatures are always hot in the desert false: they can very greatly-can become freezing at night
describe that desert climate (rst) -temperatures vary greatly -can have severe sand storms -rain unpredictable
what fraction of the people who live in the desert are pastoral nomads 1/3
we are a group of wondering nomads who live in groups in less then 100 people and wear long clothes to protect ourselves from the sun Tuaregs
when Tuaregs meet at an oasis what do they trade meat, cheese, milk, veggies, fruit, and water
how do the Tuaregs carry their belongings one camel or 2 donkeys
what has created new oasis and made life easier technology (trucks and planes)
how many large oasis are found in the Sahara about 90
name an important fruit that is very useful (food, building, fuel, and rope) date palm
describe the size of most oasis settlements small with less then 2000 people
name the major economic activities in the oasis trading and farming
what cash crops do farmers in the oasis grows wheat, barley, veggies
when does the farmers do his work during the hottest part of the day
what are the homes in the oasis constructed of brick
name 2 problems facing people that live in the Sahara -water shortages -how to transport water
name the order that desertification happens (5) -drought -veggies die -nothing to hold the soil -the wind blows it away -it leaves a desert
i am a change in a way of life to suit new conditions adaptation
I am the practice of clearing an area for farming and then moving on to another area when the first had lost its fertility shifting agriculture
name 3 human causes of desertification -planting of cash crops -herds overgraze -deforestation
Created by: allih