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Pimpernel Vocab

Vocabulary for the Final Test

One who takes part in a conversation Interlocuter
Races in search of plunder marauders
supporters of the king royalists
opening aperture
stuborness obstinancy
full of something fraught
knight cavelier
drowsy or sleepy somnolent
object held to act as a charm to avert evil and bring good fortune talisman
people sent on a mission emissaries
disobedience to authority insubordination
forboding or foreshadowing evil ominously
thorough destruction holocaust
slow; deliberate; secret in action or character stealthy
deadly; destructive pernicious
healing ointment balm
mysterious or hard to understand enigmatical
mechanical; lacking interest or enthusiasm perfunctory
lacking something bereft
strength of mind fortitude
dirty squalid
bold or arrogant audacity
having a narrow view point insularity
doing something secretly surreptitiously
Created by: artmullin1997