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APP 10

Audio Post Production

What is Re-Recording? Taking the recordings and remixing to different into mix groups. The blend of edited sound elements into one continuous soundtrack. Various output options. Each mix has its own stage in process, planned, though about.
How did Re-Recording Start? "Ping-Ponging" on a 4 Track. Record the first 3 tracks, mixing the 3 and recording them to the 4th track, Recording over the first 2 tracks. Mixing tracks 1, 2, 4 and recording them to track 3 and so on....
Process done on a large scale done by special staff. One of the sound dept. highest paid positions, works in most expensive rooms, with most $$$ gear. Re-Recording Mixer.
Dubbing Stage Staff: Re-Recording Mix Engineers In charge of all stages of the mix process. Usually 2 or 3: Dialogue Re-Recording Mixer, Sound Effects RR Mixer, Music RR Mixer.
Who does the Re-Recording Mixer receive feedback from? Throughout the mix process, receives feedback from Director, Produces, Sound Supervisor.
Dubbing Stage Staff: Dialogue RR Mixer Head of mixing team. Mixes Dialogue, ADR, Walla. With 2 position team will usually mix music and possibly help with Foley.
Dubbing Stage Staff: Sound FX RR Mixer Mixes BG, Small FX, Large FX. Mixes Foley if not done by Dialogue RR Mixer.
Dubbing Stage Staff: Mix Recordist Responsible for all logging of: Mix workflows used, Changes in Hard/Software settings throughout mix. Generally an aspiring junior RR Mix Engineer. May get the chance to mix a Temp Mix.
Dubbing Stage Staff: Intern Entry-level person working for studio, responsible for: logging all transferred data, archiving sound materials used, assisting mix recordist and RR Mixers.
Dubbing Stage Specially designed room to mix sound to picture. Acoustically treated room containing: Large projection screen- for Film Dub Stages, LCD/Plasma Screen- for TV Dub Stages. Console and Credenza, multiple array of speakers, separate room for equipment.
Console Large format console for mixing all elements. Big stages may have Harrison Digital Consoles. Small stages may have D-Controls.
Credenza Special cabinet holding all outboard processing unit. Counter top acts as divider btwn Re-Recordng Mixers and clients.
Client Viewing Area Area from Credenza to back of stage. Suitable position to view picture and listen to mix. Discuss opinions and feedback on mix.
Theater Seating Optional seating in front of console for: viewing audiences, test screening audiences.
Cove Stations DAW Edit Stations designed to do last minute edit fixes. Separate computers connected to main recorders, but linked through server systems.
Monitoring System Multiple speaker array. LCR Speakers behind screen, subs under screen, surrounds back along sides through to front. Amps in separate closet, min volume controls from console. Dim and mute buttons.
Calibration Specs depending on particular stage, but: LCR speakers pinked at 85dB SPL C-weighted Ls-Rs are pinked at 82dB SPL The sub is pinked at 95dB C-weighted.
CMR: Central Machine Room Houses all audio and video hardware units. Audio interfaces and tape machines, Dialogue, Music, FX Computers, Recording Cpus, Cove Cpus, Projector
Re-Recording Workflow: Pre-Dubs AKA the Pre-Mix. Where 100's of tracks are rerecorded to smaller groups, creating sub-groups. Most delicately detailed point in mix, where small amounts of processing is done, where amount of tracks used relate to panning position in Final Mix.
Pre-dubs are the first stage of the process where ______ _____ are first heard. Decisions are made what to ______ or _____. "_____" are often created here. Addtnl. sound edits cut and "flow-in". Pre-dubs are the first stage of the process where mix of elements are first heard. Decisions are made what to keep or replace. "Fixes Tracks" are often created here. Addtnl. sound edits cut and "flow-in".
Dialogue Pre-Dubs The stage of the process where: dialogue editor is present to provide guidance or last minute changes. Alternate Dialogue versions may be made: PG-13 or AIrplane versions.
Stems (D, M, E) The start of the Final Mix. A Rerecording of all Pre-Dubs. Each main category is isolated: Each main category is isolated: Dialogue, Music, FX
Dialogue Stem All elements of Dialogue Pre-dub would go to the Dialogue Stem: Production Audio, ADR, Callout, Walla, and Dialogue Reverb
Music Stem All elements of music pre-dub would go to the Music Stem: Score and source, Incidental and Futzed, Music Reverb
Effects Stem All elements of Effects pre-dub would go to the Effects Stem: Foley, BG, SMFX, LGFX
Recording Stems Same method as sub-grouping to aux-sub master. 5.1 Audio Track as a destination track. Create a separate recording Bus for each stem, create a 5.1 Audio Track for each. Route output of Sub-Master to input of Stem. Record from 2 pop to tail pop
M + E A separate mix of only. Assigned as a deliverable for Foreign Release. Dialogue will be dubbed in language of choice. M+E ADD Track can be provided: the "reaction track," separate audio track containing Human sounds, gasps, scream
PrintMaster (PM) Final 6 Track (or 2 Track) Mix created from D, M, E. Mix can be used to create files for DVD/TV release. Dolby Digital, DTS.
Recording Printmaster Uses same method as recording Stems: Create 5.1 Audio Track as destination track (Printmaster). Create a new recording bus. Bus output of each stem to PM audio track, Stems at unity, Record from 2 pop to Tailpop.
Lt/Rt Left Total/ Right Total. AKA Stereo "Fold-Down" Creating a stereo track of 5.1 info. Encoding process, that when decoded uses phase info to guide sound to correct chs. Decoded by Dolby Pro Logic in home theater receiver.
Q. C. (Quality Control of Deliverables) The act of monitoring each and every record pass of Deliverables. Listening back to each pass after it has been recorded, checking for synch, making sure each deliverable is met and backed up.
Transfer of Deliverables The act of transferring finished audio elements to a different format. Audio transferred to: HD-Cam (SR) Tape, Digital BetaCam Tape, DA-88 Tapes, DAT Tape.
Layback Process of marrying Final Audio Mix back with Picture. Lining up reference pops and randomly checking timeline. Done by Picture Editor.
Deliverables List List of video and audio elements needed for Distributor. Provided to Sound Dept. by Film Producers. List must follow to the tee. Sound Supervisor's responsibility, if not, producers will be charged to create them, is a line budget item.
Once Deliverables List is Complete, Distributor can sell movie to ________. Produces can get monies to pay/payback ______. Once Deliverables List is Complete, Distributor can sell movie to Domestic and Foreign Markets. Produces can get monies to pay back Investors, back-end point shares, pay themselves.
What is on Deliverables List? Audio Detailed Audio Requirements: 6 Track PM, D, M, E Stems (6 ch, 2ch, or both), M+E Stem (6ch, 2ch or both), Lt/Rt Encode. "Clean Version" version for TV Network of Aircraft. Stereo music mix for CD Soundtrack (if applicable) Music Cue Sheets
What is on Deliverables List? Video Detailed Video Requirements: HD Tape 24fps (720p US, 1080p Europe). Digital BetaCam tape- (720p with 16:9 & 4:3 formats). , trailer at the head of tapes. All tapes must ahve audio mix recorded to them.
Encoding Our Mix: 6 Track PM can be encoded to: 6 Track PM can be encoded to Dolby Digital AC-3, Dolby-E, DTS, Lt/Rt
Encoding Our Mix: Dolby Digital AC-3 Can be created from various apps: Apple Final Cut Studio Compressor, Neyrinck SoundCode, Dolby Digital A-Pack.
Encoding Our Mix: Dialogue Normalization Main factor determining overall level of mix decoding from player. Algorithm predicts what the dialogue level should be, gets loud may dip all ch to go along. May end up wit soft mix or over-compressing. Standard setting is -27dBFS.
Encoding Our Mix: Suggested Settings Coding Mode-3/2 LCRLsRs, Data Rate - 448kbps, Dialogue Norm - 31dB, DRC - None, Surr Phase Shift - ON, All Filters - ON.
Down-Mixing Automatically done during decoding DVD, if viewer does not have surround, 5.1 Mix folded down to Stereo.
Lt/Rt: Dolby Surround Tools Encoder/Decoder Plug-Ins, Creates Stereo file for Dolby Pro Logic to Decode. 5.1>LCRS>Lt/Rt
Mixdown:Waves M360 Surround Mixdown Creates a 2 ch mix of a 6 ch mix without shifting image.
Created by: la.maricha