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drugs for lower resp

drugs for ower resp

the substance responsible for maintaining bronchodilation cyclic adenosine monophosphate cAMP
in acute bronchospasm caused by anaphlyaxis, th drug administered subcutaneously to promote bronchodilation and elevate the blood pressure epinephrine
the first line of defense in an acute asthma attack are drugs categorized as beta2 adrenergic agonists
_____ is one of the first drugs to treat bronchospasm, is a nonseletive beta2 agonist isuprel
sympathomimetics cause filation of the bronchioles by increasing _______ cAMP
______ increases the risk of digitalis toxicity Theophylline
when theophylline and beta adrenergic agonists are given together, a _____ effect can occur. synergistic
the half life of theophylline is _______ for smokers than for nonsmokers shorter
aminophylline, theophylline, and caffeine are _________ derivatives used to treat________ methylxanthine/xanthine asthma
the drug commonly prescribed to treat unresponsive asthma is glucocorticoids
______ is used as prophylactic treatment for bronchial asthma. It acts by inhibiting the release of _______. Cromolyn (Intal) histamine
a serious side effect of cromolyn is ________ ___________ rebound bronchospasm
the newer drugs for asthma are more selective for _______ receptors beta 2
the leukotriene receptor antagonist considered safe for children 6 or older montelukast (singulair)
what time of day should singulair be taken evening
dose of singulair for adults ; children adults, 10mg children, 5mg
a group of drugs used to liquefy and loosen thick mucous secretions is mucolytics
a client's medication is administered via a metered dose inhaler, what teaching prority should be included shake the inhaler before use
what facts about an inhaler drug dose should the nurse be aware of lower than an oral dose, fewer side effects than oral dose, and onset of action more rapid than oral dose
how many mins should a client wait after using a bronchodialator and before using a glucocorticid 5
a client experiencing an acute attack was given an iV loading dose of aminophylline. the pt is now receiving oral theo dur. how often is the medication generally administered q6-12h
what is the usual adult dose of Theo-dur 200-300mg q8-12h
which serum theophylline level should concern the nurse 30 mcg/ml
what assessment finding in a client taking Theo-dur is associated with the medication tachycardia, insomnia and restlessness, cardiac dysrhthmias
dietary nfluences for a client taking theo-dur include what 1. increased metabolism with low carbohydrate diet, 2. decreased elimination with high carb diet, 3. increased metabolism with high protein diet.
what specific nursing interventions should be implemented for a pt taking Theo-dur provide hydration, monitor vital signs, observe for confusion
what should be included in the health taching plan for a pt taking Theo-dur stop smoking, do not take OTC products, and avoid caffeine
what are the side effects of long term use of glucocorticoids impaired immune response, fluid retention, hyperglycemia
what anticholinergic drug has few systemic effets and is administered by aerosol atrovent
which herb should be avoided by pts taking theophylline ephedra
whatt clinical manifestations should the client be aware of with use of bronchodialators nervousness, tremors, insomnia, and palpatations
what medications should be a concern when prescribed with Theo-dur beta-blockers, digitalis, lithium, and phyntoin
when should theophylline be taken with meals
what are some side effects of oral inhalers hoarseness, dry mouth, white spots in the oral cavity, coughing
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