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Intro to Radiography

Patient Care Chapter 6

Injuries caused by the use and nonuse of a drug ADE Adverse Drug Event
Group of people authorized by law to conduct, maintain and operate a hospital for the benefit of the public Board of Directors (or Governing Board)
Certificate of approval by a local review board permitting hospitals to construct new or additional facilities, open new services or make large purchases CON - Certificate of Need
formal organization of physicians within a hospital with authorized privileges, bylaws, elected officers, committees, and organized activies. Medical Staff
Responsible for recruitment, retention, benefits, and compensation of all employees who work in the hospital. Human Resources
Summarizes the hospital's intent to provide services in terms of: 1. intended recipients of service; 2. Type of care or services; 3. level of quality and cost expected. Mission Statement
The Physician responsible for the operation and quality of a hospital dept. or service.; 2. responsible for linking individual dept to the medical staff; 3. responsible for policies & procedures and day-to-day operations of the medical director's dept. Medical Director
Provides the components of patient care that collectively support the physician's plan for diagnosis and treatment to the patients and their families Clinical support services
Four Functions of the Hospital? 1. Care of the Sick; 2. Promotion of Health and Prevention of Disease; 3. Education of Health Personnel; 4. Development of Research in Science & medicine
Year of First Hospital Around 380 AD
During the middle ages hospitals were maintained where? In Monasteries
Modern Hospitals began? Early 1800's
Modern Hospitals owe their existence to for instances: 1. Florence Nightengale - Nursing 2. William Morton - Anesthesia 3. Louis Pasteur - Asepsis & Antisepsis 4. Modern Sanitation
Planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling, coordinating Management Functions
Management function that involves the process of deciding in advance what is to be accomplished. Charts a course of action for the future that enables coordinated effort and consistent fulfillment of goals and objectives. PLANNING
Development of a structure or framework that identifies how people do their work. ORGANIZING
Involves getting the right people to do the work and developing their abilities so they can do the work better STAFFING
Involves the stimulation of effort needed to perform the required work. DIRECTING
Defines performance standards or guidelines used to measure progress toward the goals of the organization, includes 4 steps. CONTROLLING
1. Establishing methods of achieving planned goals and objectives. 2. Defining standards and measures to give feedback on progress. 3. Measuring and reporting progress. 4. Taking action to correct variations from the expected standards 4 STEPS OF CONTROLLING
Process by which the manager achieves orderly group activities and unity of effort by workers who are fully aware of a common purpose. COORDINATING
Protects the health and safety of patients. State Health Department
Regulates the quality of care provided to patients and the way the organization is supervised and operated. JCAHO
Provides CON State Health Department
Defines rules to protect health and safety of patients. JCAHO
Daily improving performances at every level in every operational process Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)
Management of quality in the workplace from a perspective fo total involvement of every employer. Designed to involve every employee. Total Quality Management (TQM)
Certification of administrative, professional and technical aspects of mammography and x-ray equipment. FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (External Regulating Agency)
Mammography Accreditation ACR (American College of Radiology)
Reports ADE's and Medical Errors Internal Safety Committee
Conducts epidemiological studies. Infection Control Committee
Regulates hospital activities for radiation safety and nuclear medicine activities. Radiation Safety Committee (Internal hospital regulating committee)
Process of identifying and analyzing important organizational and individual performance gaps, planning for future performance improvment... Performance Improvement.
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