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Gospel of John

Exam 1 Study Guide

What are the 3 factors that contribute to the reliability of John? 1) It is the most Jewish 2)Dead Sea Scrolls (1947) provided 1st hand documentation of an Orthodox Jewish community, Qumran, it covered the period of Jesus' ministry. 3)accuracy of the evangelists references to customs, culture, and geography.
What's missing from John that's found in the synoptic gospels? No exorcisms, no parables, no baptism, no temptation of Jesus, no transfiguration, no institution of the Lords supper, and the disciples are on the sidelines.
What does the book say about sacramentalism and "the Jews" in John? Lack of talk of sacraments suggest John's attitude toward them being very critical or reserved. Jews-feelings towards them are either neutral, for, or against Jesus.
What are the possible meanings for Lamb of God? Jesus as lamb (amnos) 4 references in John, 2 outside the 4th gospel. 1 speaks of Jesus as the servant of the Lord. 1 refers to the precious blood of Christ, a lamb w/o defect/blemish.
What is the geography of chapters 2-4? Samaria
What is the conflict between the Jews and Samaritans? J thought S were ethically impure. Jewish king destroyed the Samaritan Temple and then Samaritans defiled (human bones) Jerusalem temple during Passover.
What name did the Samaritans give the Messiah? Theb
What is the metaphorical view of the Samaritan womans five husbands? -Symbolizes the Samaritans 5 false gods. -feminist theology -have you had your sins dealt with first?
What does it mean when Jesis tells the invalid stop sinning or something worse may happen to you. He dealt with the mans physical being, now wanted to help him spiritually 'stop sinning' -flaunting new-found freedom by carrying mat -he returned directly to the Jews after he found out who Jesus was. -best seen as a general statement -could have meant if you keep sining something worse than being parelized will happen
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