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Intro to Radiography

Patient Care Chapter 2

Voluntary Peer process throught which an agency grants recognition to an institution for a program of study that meets specified criteria Accreditation
Founder of ASRT Edd Jerman in 1920
2 Types of Accreditation? Academic & Programmatic
Responsible for Accreditation of Radiography and Radiation Therapy JRCERT
Responsible for accreditation of Nuclear Medicine Programs JRCNMT
Who Accredits JRCERT US Dept of Education
Accredits MRI, CT Ultrasound JRCDMS
3 Values of Accreditation 1. Provides consumer protection; 2. Advances & enhances the profession; 3. Protects against compromise of educational quality
Voluntary process through which an agency grants recognition to an individual upon demonstration, usually by examination of specialized professional skills Certification
Currently has over 315,000 registered technologists ARRT
Process by which a governmental agency (usually a state) grants permission to an individual to practice their profession. Licensure
1. Ensure quality information and treatment. 2. Lower Healthcare costs. 3. Improve safety of Radiologic procedures Federal Minimum Standards
Prominent national voice for Rad Techs & publishes "Radiologic Technology" ASRT
Promotes management in imaging services AHRA (American Healthcare Radiology Administrators)
Encourages the exchange of teaching concepts, to help establish minimum standards for teaching rad technologies and to advance education by encouraging educational research and technical writings by its members. AEIRS
Largest and oldest most active medical organization in the world AMA
Who certifies Radiologists? ABR (American Board of Radiology)
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