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Intro to Radiography

Patient Care Chapter 1

History of Medicine: Medicine Man/ Witch Doctor / Trepanning Primitive
History of Medicine: Egypt did embalming Ancient
History of Medicine: Jewish Medicine & Law Ancient
History of Medicine: Circumcision Ancient
History of Medicine: Construction of Baths, Sewers & Hospitals in Rome Ancient
History of Medicine: 1st anatomy book (mostly Wrong) Ancient - Galen
History of Medicine: Hippocrates (Father of Medicine) Ancient
History of Medicine: Catholic Church controlled Medicine for a thousand years Ancient
History of Medicine: Germans invaded Rome Middle Ages
History of Medicine: Beginning of the Dark Ages Middle Ages
History of Medicine: Church did not encourage medicine. Middle Ages
History of Medicine: First true anatomy Book Renaissance - Versalius
History of Medicine: Made surgery Popular Renaissance - Versalius
History of Medicine: Founder of Physiology Renaissance - Harvey
History of Medicine: Founder of Histology Renaissance - Malphighi
Founder of Nursing Florence Nightengale (19th Century)
Origin of Species Darwin (19th Century)
The World at War No major advances in Medicine 18th Century (1700's)
Father of Pathology Virchow - 19th Century
More major advances in the last 50 years of this time in history 19th Century (1800's)
Bacteria and Disease discovered 19th Century
Pasteurization 19th Century (Louis Pasteur)
X-Ray Discovered on this date November 8, 1895
1st Nobel Prize in Physics; Who & When? Roentgen 1901
Who invented Fluoroscopy Thomas Edison
1st known instance of Biological Effect from Radiation Becquerel / Uranium
Discovered Polonium & Radium Marie & Pierre Curie
First to term "Radioactivity" Marie & pierre Curie
Became an RT during WWI Marie Curie
Won 2 nobel prizes in Physics & Chemistry Marie Curie
First Military application of X-Rays Spanish-American War of 1898
Founder of the RT Profession? Edd Jerman
Edd Jerman Founded ASRT in What year? 1920 Chicago
ARRT Founded 1922
Accredits RT and Radiation Therapy Programs JRCERT
Safety Act of 1981 (CARE Bill) does what 2 things? 1. Individuals must be certified. 2. Programs must be accredited
Number of members in ASRT Over 140,000
Who is responsible for creating the curriculum for RT programs ASRT
JRCERT Founded when? 1944
Establishes minimum standards for accredited RT programs JRCERT
Watch dial painters used this chemical and resulted in this side effect? Radium; Osteosarcoma (bone cancer)
Professional Journal of ASRT Radiologic Technology & Radiation Therapist
First person to test for ARRT Sister Mary Pateese
The 5 Board examinations Administered by ARRT? Radiography, Radiation Therapy, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound, Radiologist Asst.
Advanced Exams administered by ARRT CT, MRI, Mammography, QA
List 5 Sub-Specialties CT, MRI, Mammography, QA, CVIT
4 Major rights as a hospital patient? 1. High quality healthcare; 2. Clean & Safe Environment; 3. Involvement in Care; 4. Protection of privacy
Created by: foster1317