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blood from the Inferior and superior vena cava goes into the right ventricle? T/F False Right atrium
the right ventricle and right atrium are seperated by the ____ valve a.pulmonary b.aortic c.bicuspid d.tricuspic d
the blood from the right ventricle goes through the ___ valve and is ____. a.tricuspid,oxygenated b.aortic, deoxygenated c.pulmonary, deoxygenated d.bicuspid, oxygenated c
the thorax acts as attachment sites for muscles. T/F? true the intercostals attach to the ribs in this space
what prevents backflow and seperates the chambers of the heart? valves
the order of valves in the heart from begining to end is? a.tricuspid,aortic,bicuspid,pulmonary b.aortic,bicuspid,pulmonary,tricuspid c.tricuspid,pulmonary,bicuspid,aortic d.pulmonary,bicuspid,aortic,tricuspid c
another name for the bicuspid valve is the? a.miter valve b.mitreal valve c.myotral valve d.mitral valve d
blood going into the ____ atrium is ____. a.right,deoxygenated b.right,oxygenated c.left, deoxygenated d.left, oxygenated d
the outer sac that encloses the whole heart is the? a.mycardium b.pericardium c.endocardium d.epicardium b
the specialized muscle that makes up the inner chambers of the heart is called? a.smooth muscle b.mycardium c.endocardium d.myocardium d
the _____ tissue lines the inside of the heart chambers, is in contact with blood but does not absorb blood it's called? a.cardiac,epicardium b.cardiac,myocardium c.epithelial,endcardium d.connective,myocardium c
the inside of the heart is not water tight, however it can absorb O2. T/F false, it IS water tight and cannot absorb O2.
the heart gets it blood supply from the coronary veins. T/F? false, coronary arteries
the heart recieves it's blood during ____. a.systole b.S1 c.diastole d.T wave diastole
The ___ ___ artery carries blood to the ___ atrium/ventricle and is the most important artery. a.right atrium, left b.right coronary, right c.left coronary, left d.left artereol, left c
CAD stands for? a.cardiac artereol diffusion b.coronary artery disease c.cardiac artery disease d.coronary artereole disease b
when blood supply is decreased it becomes ___ resulting in an ____ of the heart tissue. a.thin, stroke b.ischemic, infarct c.ischemic, infarct d.thin,increase b
the ___ node is located on the ___ ___ and initiates impulses of the heart. a.AV,left atrium b.SA,left atrium c.SA,right atrium d.AV, right atrium c
SA stands for? a.sympathetic actuator b.Sinus atrium c.sinoatrial d.sinus avascular c
the impluse of the heart is referred to as the hearts. a.blood pressure b.heart rate c.heart rhythm d.sinus rhythm d
the __ Node is located in the ___ and regulates the sinus rhythm. a.SA atrium b.AV ventricle c.AV septum d.SA ventricle c
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