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Italian Quiz 1

Vocabulary for Italian Quiz 1

il tavolo the table
lo studente the student
la sedia the chair
il quaderno the notebook
le fotocopie the photocopy
il dizionario the dictionary
la penna the pen
la classe the classroom
il libro the book
la matita the pencil
la lavagna the whiteboard
l'insegnante the teacher
caldo hot
mela apple
favore favor
resto change
prego thank you
prendo I will take
cioccolato chocolate
euro $
macchiato coffee with little spot of milk
cornetto croissant
caffe corretto coffee with liquor
caffe d'orzo barley rather than coffee
caffe fredo iced coffee
cappuccino espresso with milk and foam
latte macchiato lots of milk with little coffee
te caldo hot tea
tisana herbal tea
cioccolata calda hot chocolate
cono piccolo small cone
cono grande large cone
coppetta piccola small cup
coppetta grande large cup
brioche con gelato cookie with gelato
frappe smoothie
te freddo iced tea
succhi di frutta fruit juice
frullati fresh fruit juice
pasta pastry or pasta
tramezzini triangle sandwich
toast sandwich with pruschetta
trancio di pizza slice of pizza
panino sandwich
patatine potato chips
bottiglia d'acqua bottle of water
insalata salad or lettuce head
bicchiere d'acqua glass of water
succo d'arancia orange juice
torta di cioccolata chocolate cake
ascoltare la musica listen to music
camminare to walk
guardare la televisione watch the television
fare sport to play a sport
navigare su internet to surf the internet
suonare la chitarra to play the guitar
Created by: AliseMcLain