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RADT 456 Equip Op

ARRT registry review covering equipment operation

This is caused by a high-speed electron redirecting and losing energy Bremsstrahlung x-rays
A K shell electron is ejected and an L shell electron moves to fill the vacancy characteristic x-rays
In diagnostic range,contributes to patient dose, and releases characteristic x-rays photoelectric effect
more prevalent in higher energy ranges and contributes to occupational dose compton scatter
outside diagnostic range, 2 particles- an electron and positron result pair production
a smaller anode angle gives a smaller effective focal spot
change mechanical energy to electrical energy generators
has one winding and operates on self-induction autotransformer
more windings on the secondary coil step-up transformer
a single phase half wave generator has what % of voltage ripple 100%
a three-phase twelve pulse generator has what % of voltage ripple 4%
the input phosphor converts what to what x-rays to light
boiling off off of electrons when the filament is heated thermionic emission
the output phosphor converts what to what electrons to light
the effective focal spot is always smaller than the actual focal spot according to what priciple line focus principle
functions to automatically adjust for any fluctuations in incoming voltage line voltage compensator
the mA meter is found in what circuit secondary/high-voltage circuit
the mA selector is found in what circuit filament circuit
a synchronous spinning-top test is used to test timer accuracy in what kind of equipment three phase
QA term describing the same radiation output for different stations/combos reciprocity
Created by: bmhedinger