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Image Production and Evaluation

What is one effect of decreasing kilovoltage? Decrease in optical density
Film sensitivity must be matched to what in relation to spectral matching? Proper color screen fluoroescence
What term identifies a reduction in x-ray photon intensity as the photon passes through material? Attenuation
Where is focal spot blur the greatest? At the cathode end of the x-ray tube
What is absorption of useful radiation by a grid called? Grid cutoff
The electron travels which direction in an x-ray tube? Cathode to anode
As intensifying screen speed increases, how is radiographic density affected? It increases
What is the purpose of the automatic processor's transport system? To move the film and change its direction.
What material is film base currently made of? Polyester
In chest radiography, why is it necessary to use the shortest exposure time possible? To minimize involuntary motion
How is SID related to density and exposure rate? An increase in SID results in a decrease in exposure rate and density.
If a fast screen-film is used with a slow screen-film system, the resulting image appears how? Too light
What does foreshortening of anatomic structure mean? The structure appears smaller than its actual size on the IR.
What term is used to describe the unsharp edges of tiny radiographic details? Geometric blur
What happens to contrast scale as grid ratio is decreased? It becomes longer.
What chemical is used in the production of radiographic film emulsion? Silver halide
What has the greatest effect on radiographic density: aluminum filtration, kilovoltage, SID, or scattered radiation? SID
The line-focus principle expresses the relationship between what? Actual and effective focal spot
What is a compensating filter used for? To even out tissues with varying densities and thicknesses.
Silver halide crystals that have been exposed are changed to black metallic silver by what? Reducer
What term is used to describe the continued emission of light by a phosphor after the activating source has ceased? phosphorescence
Grid cutoff because of off-centering results in what? Overall density loss
What device requires two exposures to evaluate focal-spot accuarcy? Slit camera
The height of the grid's lead strips and the distance between them is referred to as what? Grid ratio
How is spatial resolution measured in traditional radiography? Line pairs per millimeter, lp/mm
Using the anode heel effect, does the intensity of the beam increase more at the cathode end or the anode end? Cathode
How is OID related to recorded detail? Inversely
What is the reciprocity law? It states that regardless of the combination of mA and exposure time used, as long as the mAs remains the same, the radiographic density will be the same for each exposure.
What is the purpose of a grid and how does it affect patient dose? To absorb scatter radiation that would otherwise cause fog on the radiograph. It increases patient dose.
What are some characteristics of the photoelectric effect? Low-energy photon, deposits all of its energy in an inner-shell electron and ejects that K shell electron.
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