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RADT 456 Equipment O

Equipment Operation and Quality Control: Study

A high-speed electron passing near or through a tungsten atom, is attracted and slowed down by positively charged necleus and deflected from its course with a loss of engery. Bremsstrahlung Radiation
What is energy loss given up in the form of? an x-ray photon
What is the energy of the characteristic ray equal to? the difference in energy between the K and L shell energy levels
What are shorter wavelengths associated with? higher freequency, higher energy, and increased ionizing potential
What can x-ray photons do? pass through the part, be absorbed by the part,and scatter within the part
What changes mechanical energy to electrical energy? generators
The distance between two consecutive crests; one positive and one negatice half-cycle? wavelength
What are the number of cycles per second called? frequency
What type of principle do transformers operate on? mutual induction
What is another name for step-down transformers? filament transformers
What does the x-ray tube consist of? anode (positive electrode), cathode (negatice electrode), and glass envelope (vacuum)
What is a graphite/molybdenum disk with a beveled edge called? an anode
What conducts heat away from the anode face? copper stem
What are the characteristics of Tungsten as a target material? high atomic number increases x-ray production, high melting point resist pitting and creaking, and thermal conductivity for heat dissipation
What is teh effective focal spot that is always smaller than the actual focal spot? line focus principle
What functions to regulate the length of the x-ray exposure? timer
What functions to automatically adjust for any fluctuations in incoming voltage supply? line coltage compensator
What does the radiographer use to choose the kilovoltage? Kv selector
What is a variable transformer that operates on AC and enables the radiographer to select kilovoltage? autotransformer
What are the different types of x-ray timers? mechanical, synchronous, impulse, electronic, mAs, and AEC
What are the primary low-voltage circuit components? main switch/circuit breaker, autotransformer, kv selector switch, line voltage compensator, timer primary coil of HV transformer, exposure switch
What is CR resolution determined by? the size of barium fluorohalide phosphor, width of laser beam, and monitor matrix
What is used to evaluate the focal spot size? slit camera
What image matrix size with result in the best spatial resolution? 2,048 X 2,048
What is the device used to ensure reproducible images, regardless of tissue density variations? ionization chamber
Changes in window width in digital imaging can result in changes in: contrast
What circuit devices operate on the principle of self-induction? autotransformer and choke coil
How often should fluoroscopic shielding apparel be fluoroscoped to check for cracks? annually
What is the spinning-top test used to evaluate? timer accuracy and rectifier failure
What can cause poor screen-to-film contact? damaged cassette frame, foreign body in cassette, and warped cassette front
Created by: anbrunes