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Smith Nebo Civil War

Civil War Vocabulary

Maine entered the Union as a free state; Missouri entered as a slave state Compromise of 1820
document that declared freedom for all slaves Emancipation Proclamation
the general that led the Confederate Army Robert E Lee
strategy meant to destroy all resources in the South total war
published the Liberator WIlliam Lloyd Garrison
President of Confederacy Jefferson Davis
large farms that raise cash crops plantations
gave the Gettysburg Address Abe Lincoln
established during reconstruction to provide food, clothing, medical care, and legal advice to poor blacks and whites Freedman's Bureau
African who led slave revolt in Va Nat Turner
teacher at Tuskegee Institute and taught how to grow new crops; discovered 300 ways to use peanuts George Washington Carver
established the Red Cross Clara Barton
Slave who sued for freedom because he had once lived in a free state with his master Dred Scott
most successful Union General U. S. Grant
the murder of an important leader assassination
period of time when the South rejoined the Union Reconstruction
to leave the army without permission desert
charge a government official with a crime impeach
nickname for laws that kept African Americans separate Jim Crow Laws
forced separation of the races segregation
opened Tuskegee Institute in Al for the college education of African Americans Booker T. Washington
amendment that freed the slaves Amendment 13
system of farming in which a tenant pays a share of the crops as rent to the landowner sharecropping
secret organization formed to threaten, beat, and kill African Americans to keep them from voting. Ku Klux Klan
gave Black Americans rights as citizens; afforded everyone due process of the law Amendment 14
gave all men the right to vote regardless of color or race Amendment 15
region that had the largest population of Africans South
contained many factories and industries North
was largely an agricultural area with economy depending on cash crops South
This region opposed slavery North
Most of its population opposed Lincoln's election South
assassinated Lincoln John Wilkes Booth
sisters whose parents owned slaves but were abolitionists that spoke out against slavery Grimke Sisters
Escaped slave who served as a conductor on the Underground Railroad; responsible for helping over 300 slaves escape Harriet Tubman
a collection of routes to help slaves escape the South Underground Railroad
Southerner who worked with the government during Reconstruction scalawags
Northerners who came to the south to take advantage of the destruction and rebuilding of the South carpetbaggers
The first battle of the Civil War The first Battle of Bull Run
Lincoln's objective in the beginning was not slavery but..... to keep the Union together
The turning point of the war Battle of Gettsyburg
strategy to cut off all supplies in the west and along the coast line by using blockades Anaconda Plan
a place where slaves were sold to the highest bidder slave auction
the owner of the plantation was referred to by the slaves as master
the man who was in charge of the slaves on a daily basis was the overseer
a term used to refer to Confederate soldiers Rebel
A term used to refer to Union soldiers Yankee
soldiers on horseback calvary
soldiers on foot infantry
term used to include weapons, cannon, etc. artillary
a sword-like tool mounted on a rifle bayonet
a small sack carried on a soldiers body used for supplies knapsack
for the frontline of soldiers to fall back in a battle retreat
the attempt of ships to prevent others from coming into ports to deliver supplies blockade
a common disease among soldiers caused by a mosquito bite malaria
a soldier who has been injured, killed, or missing in action casualty
searching for food and other means of survival
ammunition used in a cannon mortar
a secret organization formed to intimidate African Americans to prevent them from voting and as a retaliation for unacceptable offenses Ku Klux Klan
to remove an injured limb from the body amputate
a cake or bread made from cornmeal and water johnnycake
a hard, saltless biscuit hardtack
The withdrawal of states from the Union secession
a person who studies history historian
a warship, an ironclad ship used by the Confederates against the Monitor in 1862 in the first battle between ironclads in the Civil War Merrimack
book written by Harriet Beecher Stowe that outraged the North when it explored the treatment of slaves in the South Uncle Tom's Cabin
to attempt to remove from political office impeach
a term used in a song that was sung by slaves referring to the Big Dipper drinking gourd
Created by: smithnebo
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