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Ethical Theories

WGU ethics

Advantage to Virtue Ethics moral motivation
Advantage to Virtue Ethics doubts about the "ideal" of impartiality
Disadvantages to Virtue Ethics an adequate theory of ethics must provide an understanding of moral character
Disadvantages to Virtue Ethics Incomplete - emphasizes moral virutes/neglects ideas of character
Disadvantages to Virtue Ethics All actions do not fit neatly into a virtue
Divine Command Theory Dilemma: Concept of morality is mysterious
Divine Command Theory Dilemma: The concept of morality makes God's commands arbitrary
Divine Command Theory Dilemma: This conception of morality provides the wrong reasons for moral principles
Divine Command Theory Supports the idea that God is a lawgiver, bud does not compel us to obey him
Divine Command Theory We are free agents
Divine Command Theory Supports that an act is right if God commands it, wrong if he forbids it
Theory of Natural Law Rests on an idea of what world should be like
Theory of Natural Law Idea that everything in nature has a purpose
Theory of Natural Law World is rational in order with values
Theory of Natural Law How things ought to be
Theory of Natural Law Laws of reason which we are able to grasp because God has made us rational beings
Social Contract Theory Thomas Hobbes
Social Contract Theory moral rules need to benefit social living
Social Contract Theory altruism/moral facts are key to understanding ethics: Not God
Social Contract Theory Morality consists in the set of rules, govererning behavior, that rational people will accept, on the condtion that others accept them as well
Advantages of the Social Contract Theory Morally binding rules are ones that facilitate harmonious social living
Advantages of the Social Contract Theory We agree to follow the rules because it is to our advantage to live in a society in which the rules are accepted
Advantages of the Social Contract Theory reciprocity
Advantages of the Social Contract Theory impartiality
Disadvantages to the Social Contract Theory we did not agree to it, our ancestors did, and we should not be excpected to uphold their contracts
Disadvantages to the Social Contract Theory acceptance of the rules is based on others agreeing to them
Utlitarianism - Strength the poor, undeucated should count equally with the rich
Utlitarianism - Strength theory came directly out of social concerns
Utilitariansim - Weakness runs into problems when sentimente is involved
Utilitariansim - Weakness Not enough support for individual rights
Utilitariansim - Weakness happiness cannot be measured
Utilitariansim - Weakness cannot calculate all the effects for all the people
Ethical egoism, strength one's duty is to promote one's self interest
Ethical egoism, strength not necessarily bad if actions benefit others
Ethical egoism, strength ought to do what is in our own best self interest
Ethical egoism, weakness endorses wicked actions, provided they benefit person who does them
Ethical egoism, weakness cannot handle conflict of interests
Ethical egoism, weakness logically inconsistent
Ethical egoism, weakness unacceptably arbirtrary
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