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Shyann's Stack #1


the properties or characteristics of an object Attributes
Printous of you electronic presentation that your audience can use to follow along and take notes Audience Handouts
a type of slide layout that allows you to enter several levels of text; each level is formatted in a different point size Bulleted List Slides
provides consistency in design and color throughout the entire presentation; determines the color scheme, font and font size, and layout of your presentation. Design Template
allows you to create diagrams using shapes such as arcs, arrows, cubes, rectangles, stars, and triangles. Drawing
allows you to create and insert charts into your presentations Graphing
a link you click to display another webpage or document within a presentation; can consist of specially formatted text, buttons, and hotspots on graphics or pictures. Hyperlink
list each of the menus in applications and usually appears near the top of the application window under the window title bar. Menu Bar
combines text, graphics, animation, video, and audio. Mutlimedia
adds interest and keeps your audience attentive by adding effects, such as sound and video to your presentation. Mutlimedia effects
any element that appears on a slide, such as clip art, text, drawings, charts, sounds, and video clips. Object
allows you quickly to create your presentation using an outline format. Outlining
empty objects on a new slide Placeholders
the file you save to disk that contains all the slides, speaker’s notes, handouts, that make up your presentation. Presentation File
allows the user to create documents called slides to be used in making presentation. Presentation Graphics Software
an individual screen in a slide show; the basic unit of a presentation Slide
a series of slides displayed in sequence; controlled manually or automatically Slideshow
notes that include the slide as well as comments or points you may want to remember. Speaker Notes
generally the first slide in a presentation; introduces the audience to the presentation Title Slide
provide quick access to frequently used commands; a lot of the buttons are the same from program to program. Toolbar
resembles a toolbar, but hold items such as drawing tools rather than buttons that perform commands. Toolbox
a special effect used to introduce a slide during a slide show Transition
Created by: Shyann Fisher
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