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20th century media

quiz 2

three cities that were important to Jazz New Orleans, New York, Chicago
instrument: Louis Armstrong trumpet
what type of music is Armstrong/Goodman known for swing
instrument: Duke Ellington piano
instrument: Bennie Goodman clarinet
two cities important to Blues Chicago, St. Louis, Mississippi delta
why did BB king name his guitar "Lucille" to remind himself to never fight never a woman
what does BB stand for Blues boy
what group got their name from a Muddy Waters tune Rolling Stones
songs: Muddy Waters mannish boy, got my mojo working
two important folk signers Peete Seeger, Woody Guthrie
how were folk songs learned oral tradition
song: Woody Guthrie this land is you land, Christ for president, do re mi, I've got to know
song: Peete Seeger turn turn turn, talking Union
what two movies did we watch for WW1 Laurence of Arabia, all quite on the western front
what famous trial did Inherit the Wind cover Scopes Trial
real names Darrow Bryan Scopes movie names Drumond Brady Cates
what did the defense say was on trial the right to think
blues musicians who influenced Led Zeppelin Blind Willie Johnson, Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf
Duck Soup the Marx Brothers Groucho, Harpo, Zepo, Chico
Created by: forwilsonmo
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