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RADT456 Equip Op

ARRT registry review covering equipment operation

Shorter Wavelengths produce higher or lower energy? Higher
The x-ray beam that emerges from the tube focal spot is called Primary Beam
A low energy photon that uses all its energy to remove an inner shell electron produces what effect? Photoelectric
A high energy beam that ejects an outer shell electron produces what? Compton Scatter
Occupational dose is caused mostly by what? Compton Scatter
Patient dose is caused mostly by what? Photoelectric Effect
What is defined as the distance between two consecutive wave crests? Wavelength
These change mechanical energy to electrical energy Generators
These change electrical energy to mechanical energy Motors
The height of a wave Amplitude
What is the unit of frequency? Hertz
What type of transformer operates on the principle of self-induction? Autotransformer
This type of transformer has more coil turns on the the secondary side Step up
What type of current do transformers and autotransformers require? Alternating
High frequency generators produce what percentage of voltage ripple? 1%
The electron is slowed by nucleus' positive charge, causing it to give up energy Bremmsstrahlung
The anode has what type of charge? Positive
This device holds the electron cloud together prior to being sent to the anode Focusing cup
Electrons are burned from the filament through what Thermionic Emission
The filament is made of Tungsten
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