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K-9 Fel

ABC'S of CPR Airway open, Breathe for animal, Maintain circulation
Manual ventilation/ bagging should be once q ___ sec or ___ breaths a min *3-5sec *6-10 min
Breathe per cm for dogs ____ and for cats ___ *15-20 *10-15
_____ stimulates breathing by placing a __g needle in the crease of the nose *Jen chung *26g
Vital signs: HR/Pulse, RR, MM, CRT, TEMP, BP
Increased heart rate and BP indicate___ Pain
Avg HR for k-9's and avg RR 70-160 *10-30
Avg HR for felines and avg RR *160-240 *15-30
Triage mnemonic AMPLE stands for: Allergies, medication, past Hx, last meal, events
Bandages for hemorrhage should be left on for __hrs 6-12 hrs
shock from Heart failure from: Cardiogenic shock
Shock from blood flow maldistrubution, sepsis: Distributive shock
Physical obstruction in circular system(heartworm, gastric torsion): Obstructive shock
Decreased intravasular volume, bld loss, dehydration: Hypervolemic shock
The primary goal for treating shock: Improve O2 delivery
Venous access sites for emergencies: Cephalic, saphenous, jugular, introosseos
___ is used to administer drugs for the quickest effect jungular
In order of use the most common fluids given for emergencies: saline- LRS - Normasol
Shock fluid rate for k-9's: 80-90 ml/kg/hr
Shock fluid rate for felines: 50-55 ml/kg/hr
Hypertonic solutions are given at a rate of 4-6 ml/kg/5min
increases HR and Contractability: Dopamine (intotropin)
Avg urine output: 1-2 ml/kg/hr
PH OF 7.35 ___ 7.45 ___ AND 7.4____ *Acidosis *Alkalinic *normal
____ increases heart rate and ____causes vasoconstriction *Atropine *Epinephrine
Chest compression's are given at a rate of: 5:1 5 compression's to 1 breath
__ compression's are given for small dogs and __ for lrg dogs *1/2" *1-3"
____ position is ideal for CPR R/lateral recumbancy
____ is used for ventricular tachicardia Lidocaine
a massive release of histamine and inflammation: Anaphylaxis
anaphylaxis is treated with ____ and ____ *dexmethasone *epinephrine
Hyperthemic is also known as ____ and is has a ___% mortality *heat stroke *50-64%
Rectal temp >___deg is heat stroke and at ____deg cellular function ceases *105 *107+
Decrease temp until ___deg is reached 103
___ are the most commonly used drugs for pain management and ___ is the most commonly used for injury/post op *NSAIDS *opioids (morphine)
____ citrate transdermal patch last ___ days *Fentanyl *3days
____ also known as Torbogesic is a ____/analgesic *Butorphanol *sedative
___ also known as Buprenorphine is __X stronger than morphine *Buprinex *30X
Toxic dose of caffeine 100-200mg/kg
Rodenticides typically show CS after ___ hr and an CA increase of >___mg/dl 12-36 hours *11.5mg/dl
Furosimide is given if __ calcium levels and prednisone if ___ calcium levels *increased *decreased
Bromethalin stops ___ production, causes Cerebral edema and is seen __ to __ days after ingestion *ATP *1-5 days
Acetaminophen causes __ damage and CS __hrs after ingestion *liver *1-2hrs
Lead toxicity causes ___ and ____ signs GI and neurological
Zinc causes _____ CNS depression
ethylene glycol causes ___ within 12 hours of ingestion and ___ crystals *acute renal failure *CA oxylate crystals
Snail bait causes ____ CNS hyperactivity
Insecticides _______ cause ______ to the parasympathetic system *Organophosphate *SLUDDE
Lilly of the valley and azalea's ingestion cause ___ while sago palms cause *heart complications *liver failure
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