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equipt operation

ARRT registry review on equipt operation

true/false: Thermionic emission is associated with the anode. False. It is associated with the cathode.
What is automatic exposure control? The minimum response time or minimum reaction time.
What does a step-up transformer do to the voltage? increases the voltage.
What happens to the xrays beam as the kVp is increased? the energy of the beam increases.
What happens when a large quantity of heat is applied to a cold anode? the anode can crack.
What are the two priniple parts of an induction motor? stator and rotor.
What is the purpose of a phototimer? to automatically terminate the x-ray exposure once the film is correctly exposed.
What terms refers to an images recorded detail? spatial resolution
What does a spinning top test for? the efficiency of a single-phase timer.
What does reproducibility mean? Repeated exposures at a given technique must provide consistent intensity.
What is inherent filtration? filtration that is built into the construction of the x-ray tube.
True/False. PACS systems receive analog images. False PACS systems receive digital images.
Define current. The amount of electric charge flowing per second.
What percent of energy is converted to x-rays during an x-ray exposure? Less than 1%
What type of interaction takes place in bremsstrahlung x-ray production? braking or slowed down interaction.
What is the biggest factors effecting AEC? patient thickness and densities.
What is the purpose of a rectifier? to change AC into unidirectional current by allowing current to flow through them in only one direction.
What is the main difference between single-phase and three-phase equiptment? Voltage never drops to zero in three-phase equiptment.
What happens as the anode angle is decreased? a larger actual focal spot may be used while still maintaining the same small effective focal spot.
Which x-ray interaction contributes to occupational dose? Compton interaction.
Created by: kngeorgeff