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ARRT Review Covering Equip

What type of x-ray tube is designed to turn on and off quickly, providing multiple short, precise exposures? Grid-controlled Lange Q&A pg 273
What principle do these circuit devices operate on: autotransformer and choke coil? Self-induction Lange Q&A pg 273
The image is magnified when using the small or large field in a dual field image intensifier? Small Lange Q&A pg 274
The minimum response time of an automatic exposure control (AEC)uses its ______ exposure time shortest Lange Q&A pg 274
The electron cloud within the x-ray tube is the product of a process called: thermionic emission Lange Q&A pg 274
What does repeated, frequent overloading do to the anode's focal track? Causes pitting Lange Q&A pg 274
A parallel-plate inoization chamber receives a particular charge as x-ray photons travel through it. This is the operating principle of what device? AEC Lange Q&A pg 275
Do kV and HVL have a direct or indirect relationship? direct Lange Q&A pg 276
What converts electrical energy into mechanical energy? Motor Lange Q&A pg 276
To terminate the x-ray exposure once the IR is correctly exposed is the job of the _______. Phototimer Lange Q&A pg 276
An electron approaching a positive nuclear charge changes direction and loses energy in which production of radiation? Bremsstrahlung Lange Q&A pg 277
What type of device is used to measure focal spot size and spatial resolution? slit camera Lange Q&A pg 276
What is the voltage ripple for a three phase-six pulse rectified generator? 13% Lange Q&A pg 277
Which device receives the remnant beam, converts it into light, and then increases the brightness? Image Intensifier Lange Q&A pg 277
Give three components of the image intensifier. Photocathode, focusing lens, accelerating anode Lange Q&A pg 278
In digital fluoroscopy, what has taken place of the image intensifier's televesion camera tube? The charge-coupled device Lange Q&A pg 278
________ involves reciprocal motion of the x-ray tube and film. Tomography Lange Q&A pg 278
In fluoroscopy, the ABC is used to adjust the kVp and _____. mA Lange Q&A pg 278
When kV is selected on the control panel, ________ is adjusted. the autotransformer Lange Q&A pg 278
What is the device that directs the light emitted from the image intensifier to various viewing and imaging apparatus? the beam splitter Lange Q&A pg 279
The x-ray tube in CT is most likely to be associated with what? a pulsed x-ray beam Lange Q&A pg 280
A device used to ensure reproducibility radiographs, regardless of tissue density variations, is the _____. Phototimer Lange Q&A pg 281
The device used to change alternating current into unidirectional current is the _____. Solid state diode Lange Q&A pg 281
Which part if an induction motor is located outside the x-ray tube glass envelope? Stator Lange Q&A pg 283
Which part if an induction motor is located within the x-ray tube glass envelope? Rotor Lange Q&A pg 283
What mode of a trifield image intensifier will result in the highest patient does; 25 in., 17 in., or 12 in.? The 12 in. mode Lange Q&A pg 284
Fractional focus tubes, with a 0.3-mm focal spot or smaller, have special application is which of the following? magnification radiography, fluoroscopy, tomography, or image intensification Magnification radiology Lange Q&A pg 284
An increase in the heat of the filament will cause the mA to what? increase Lange Q&A pg 284
The filtering effect of the x-ray tube's glass envelope and its oil coolant are referred to collectively as what? inherent filtration Lange Q&A pg 288
What device is best used to determine the accuracy of the x-ray timer? the spinning top Lange Q&A pg 288
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