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Driver's Ed Ch 13-15

Driver's Ed Ch. 13-15

In 2008, _____ pedestrians were killed in the United States. 4300
_____ is crossing the road without regard for traffic rules or signals. Jaywalking
More than _____ people are killed each year from collisions with deer and other animals. 130
In 2010, _____ motorcyclists were killed. 3600
Stop no closer than _____ feet from a railroad crossing if a train is coming. 15
_____ are the most common scene in collisions with pedestrians. Intersections
Objects in motion stay in motion; objects at rest stay at rest-_____ inertia
_____ is a force between two surfaces that resist the movement of one surface across the other. Friction
_____-sticking together traction
Name 5 factors that affect traction. -tire pressure -tire condition -rain -ice/snow -road condition
Energy of motion-_____ kinetic energy
_____ is a force that pulls all objects toward the center of earth. Gravity
Name the 4 factors that affect braking distance. -speed -condition of the vehicle -condition of the roadway -hills and mountains
_____-roadway tilts down toward the inside of the curve banked curve
_____ are higher in the center than at either of the edges crowned roads
_____-to lose control of the direction and speed of your vehicle's movement skid
What percent fewer driver deaths occur in vehicles with airbags? 25%
Name the 4 types of skids. -braking skid -power skid -cornering skid -blowout skid
Name the 3 factors that affect the force of impact. -speed of the vehicle -weight of the vehicle -impact distance
_____ out of 10 American households have a motor vehicle. 9
_____-an explosion in a tire while the vehicle is in motion. blowout
_____ invented the pnuematic tire about 100 years ago. John Dunlop
Between _____ and _____ people are killed while changing tires. 300;400
The most common way to recharge your battery is to _____. Jumpstart
Almost _____ of all teenage motor vehicle deaths occur on weekends. 60%
_____ minutes without breathing can cause death. 6
Another name for bleeding heavily is _____. hemorrhaging
_____-where the blood does not circulate properly shock
_____-neck injury whiplash
Who founded the American Red Cross in 1881? Clara Barton
Created by: LenaMckay15
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