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Root Words Batson

Root Words for Mr. Batson's Reading Class

bio life
chron time
phon sound
mech machine
micro small
pre before
cap/cept chief or head
de reverse, undo, or take down
ten/tain grasp, hold, have
intter between
post after
over over, above, too much
sub under or beneath
fac/fect make, do , cause, create
mis incorrect, foul, hated
trans across, over, through
scrib write or written
mit send, let go, cast
ob against or in the way of
fer bear or carry
in inside or within
stat/sist standing, staying, or firm
mono one
graph write or draw
epi above, over, beyond
log word or speech
un not/opposite
ad near or in addition to
spec see
com together or with
plic fold
non not
ex from, out of, used to be
tend strech or reach
re again
pro forward or in favor of
duc lead
en in, into, contain
dis not or opposite
pon/pos put or place
scop see
biblio book
mania madness
pop people
therm heat
tox poison
ology the study of
mar/mari sea or ocean
-vor eat
omni all or every
cycl circle or ring
phobia fear of
cardi heart
hydr water
neo new
rupt break
arche (a) old
terr land
dynam power
zoo animal(s)
-voc voice
morph to change
anti against
tele far away
mand to order
ben/bon good or well
poly many
able/ible can or able to do
cide to kill
dorm to sleep
photo light
ician having a certain skill
asr/aster star or star-like
flex/flect to bend
leg law
Less Without
Path/patchy Feelings
Mem Remember
Ject Throw
Rid Laugh
Phys Nature or natural
Gen Beginning or source
Cosm World Universe
Geo Earth Land
Struct Build
Meter Measure
Aero Air
Vert Truth
Nav Ship
Phil Love
Ful Full of
Mal Bad
Spir Breathe
Lab Work
Agon Struggle
Imag A picture of likeness of
Carn Meat
Strict To tighten
Ism A belief, system, or philosophy
Var Different
Created by: qtelephant
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