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MAT vocab 2

abjure to renounce upon oath
abnegation self-denial
abrogate to break (a law)
acumen keenness
adjure to command solemnly; to beg
adumbrate to foreshadow; to obscure
aestivate spend the summer inactive
anneal to toughen
apocryphal doubtful
aquiline hooked like an eagle's beak
arrogate to seize without reason; to usurp
artifice cleverness; ingenuity
attenuate lessen in amount or force
bellicose inclined to start wars
bromidic lacking originality
bucolic relating to rural life
bumptious aggresive in an offensive way
cabal group united to plot an overthrow
calumny a lie about another person
captious critical; fault-finding
cavil to nitpick
chauvinism excessive or blind patriotism
chimerical wildly fanciful
cloy to satiate
collusion a secret (illegal) agreement
cynosure the center of interest
defalcate to embezzle
denouement the outcome of events
desultory lacking plan or purpose; random
diaphanous sheer; delicate
dilatory tending to cause delay
dilettante one involved in many things, none seriously
dint a force or power
disingenuous lacking in candor
doughty fearless; valiant
effete exhausted, worn-out
endue to provide, endow
enervate to exhaust or weaken
exculpate to clear of guilt
fervid intense in feeling or emotion
foment to instigate or arouse
froward disobedient
fugacious short-lived
fulminate to denounce; to explode
glabrous smooth; without hair
hirsute hairy
hyaline transparent; glassy
impecunious having little or no money
incommodious troublesome; inconvenient
inculcate to teach by repetition
inimical hostile; unfriendly
jocose humorous; witty
lambent flickering; softly lit
littoral relating to the shore
lugubrious gloomy; sorrowful
meretricious attractive on the surface; superficial
miasma a corrupting influence
nugatory inconsequential; trifling
nuncupative not written; oral
obfuscate to confuse
onus a burden; an obligation
opprobrium disgrace due to a shameful act
perfidious faithless; disloyal
peripatetic wandering; itinerant
poltroon a coward
puerile childish; juvenile
pusillanimous cowardly; fearful
querulous complaining; whining
recidivism repeated activity, esp. criminal
risible capable of producing laughter
sidereal related to the stars
soporific marked by sleepiness; drowsy
splenetic easily angered
sybaritic voluptuous; sensual
venal corruptible
venial forgivable
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