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MAT Vocab

abstemious sparing or moderate
abstruse hard to understand
accrete to increase by growth
alacrity cheerful readiness
antipathy firm dislike
ascetic hermitlike
assiduous hard working
baleful menacing; harmful
brook to tolerate
capricious unpredictable
contumacious stubbornly rebellious
credulous believing; gullible
deleterious harmful
desiccate to dry out
didactic instructive
diffident timid; no self-confidence
discomfit to confuse, deject, frustrate
disinterested unbiased
disparate different; incompatible
doggerel comic, loose verse
effluvium noxious vapor; escaping gas
engender to create or produce
equivocal ambiguous; intentionally confusing
exigent urgent
fecund fertile
forbear refrain from
fulsome excessive, insincere
gainsay to deny
hermetic airtight; impervious to external influence
improvident lacking foresight; careless
inchoate just beginning; not organized
ineluctable inescapable; unavoidable
ingenuous naive; simple
insolvent unable to pay bills
irascible irritable
laconic using few words, often rudely
ligneous woodlike
munificent very generous; lavish
obdurate stubborn
palliate to hide the seriousness of something with excuses
panegyric lofty praise
parsimony stinginess
paucity scarcity
piquant pungent
polemic a powerful argument to refute something
preclude to prevent
probity integrity; honesty
propinquity nearness
pundit a learned person in a particular field
recondite hard to understand
repudiate to reject, deny
ribald vulgar or indecent speech
salubrious promoting health
spurious doubtful; false
supercilious haughty
sycophant one who sucks up to others
temerity boldness; recklessness
truculent savagely brutal; aggresively hostile
turpitude shameful wickedness
welter a confused mass; a commotion
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