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Painting Unit 198

In what sort of environment should decanting/pouring hazardous substances be carried out? well ventilated
What should you wear on your hands when handling glass? gauntlets
How should LPG cylinders be stored? On their bases in a locked compound/store.
How should new, unused paint brushes be stored? Flat in a box
Before storing stencil brushes, what should be applied to ensure they keep their shape? Masking tape
Why is it important to ensure lids are securely fixed when storing paint? To keep air out and prevent paint skinning.
Why is it important to keep powered materials such as fillers and texture paints dry? Because damp will cause it to semi-mix.
Why is it important to keep powered materials frost free? Frost would make it lumpy or blown.
How should washable wallpaper be stored? In low humidity and laid flat.
Why should wallpapers be stored away from sunlight? To prevent discolouration.
What should the bottom edges of glass rest on when stored on site? Wooden battens
Why should correct techniques be used when lifting. To prevent injury to oneself
Why are heavy components unloaded/lowered onto timber bearers? To avoid injury to hands.
What action should the person receiving an order take if the quantity of materials delivered does not match the delivery note? Do not sign the delivery note.
Who should be informed if there are technical problems at work. Foreman
Created by: Julia Garner