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Defense Mechs

Defense Mech organism protects itself against impulses & effects
Mature Defenses The conscious/ semiconscious decision to postpone attention to a conscious impulse or conflict; suppress for now in order to stay focused at work/ school
Mature Defenses Something I want to achieve but not making a - defense; not of discomfort to others; goal is retained; constructive/ gratifying to others; realistic; logical/ grounded mentally/ deals w/ stressful situations
Mature Defenses realistic anticipation of or planning for future inner discomfort
Mature Defenses positive defense; overt expression of feelings w/o personal discomfort or immobilization and w/o unpleasant effect on others
Mature Defenses The gratification of an impulse whose goal is retained but whose aim or object is changed from a socially objectionable one to a valued one; used in another way to be socially accepted
Mature Defenses vicarious but constructive & gratifying svc to others; selfless regard for the well being of others
Mature Defenses Humor Altrusim Sublimation Suppression Anticipation
Immature Defenses Transformation of reproach toward others arising from bereavement, loneliness, or unacceptable aggressive impulses into self-repraoch and complaints of pain, and somatic illness
Immature Defenses management of unacceptable impulses by permitting expression of the impulse in an antithetical form (exp)homophobic but actually has homosexual tendencies
Immature Defenses loved or hated external objects are symbolically absorbed within oneself
Immature Defenses attributing ones own unacknowledged feelings to others; project out
Immature Defenses consists of the expelling & withholding from conscious awareness of an idea or feeling; unconsciously doing it; dont realize your feelings
Immature Defenses justification of attitudes, beliefs, or behavior that might otherwise be unacceptable by an incorrect application of justifying reasons or the intervention of a convincing fallacy; cutters, drug users, alcoholics
Immature Defenses defensive conversion of psychic derivatives into bodily symptoms; tendency to react with somatic rather than psychic symptoms; taking emotional & making it physical
Immature Defenses child; give self illnesses/ pain; draw attn to self; create a path to get desired outcome; taking emotional pains & making them physical pains; keywords: external/ others
Immature Defenses projection blocking introjection hypochondriasis acting out somatization
Neurotic Defenses excessive attempt to manage or regulate events in the environment in the interest of minimizing anxiety & solving internal conflicts
Neurotic Defenses A temp but drastic modification of character or sense of personal identity to avoid emotional distress; includes fugue states & hysterical conversion reactions
Neurotic Defenses The intropsychic splitting of affect (emotion) from content resulting in repression of either ideas or affect; separate self from emotion
Neurotic Defenses An inhibition (mental restriction) usually temp in nature, of effects especially, but possibly also thinking and impulses; close to repression
Neurotic Defenses excessive need to control because of internal conflict; shifting/ taking out on another subject; unconscious but purposeful (pattern); drastic modification of reality & no longer self; disconnect from reality/ splitting control
Neurotic Defenses involves a purposeful, unconscious shifting from one subject to another in the interest of solving a conflict
Neurotic Defenses grossly reshaping external reality to suit inner needs
Neurotic Defenses control of effects & impulses by way of thinking about them instead of experiencing them; control outcome; impulse b/c think instead of experience; choose not to experience/ not wanting to take a chance
Neurotic Defenses perceiving & reacting to unacceptable inner pulses & their derivatives as if they were outside the self
Neurotic Defenses repression controlling rationalization reaction formation isolation disassociation displacement
Narcissistic Defenses Diva; full of self; avaoiding reality to not become aware; reshape external needs to suit inner; perception altered so reality (truth) is different; negative def mech; client doesnt recognize the concern so worker can't be the change agent to help
Narcissistic Defenses The direct expression of an unconscious wish or impulse in action to avoid being conscious of the accompanying effect (draw attn to self)
Narcissistic Defenses Avoidance of becoming aware of some painful aspect of reality
Narcissistic Defenses distortion denial unconscious projection
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